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Catering For The Fall

Fall Wedding Food Trends

The fall months remind us of comfort and warmth. Bringing the change in seasons to a wedding can be done through color, flowers, and especially food choices.

Interactive Food

Instead of traditional entrees provided by a catering service, interactive food is a popular trend for fall weddings. This can include both made on site food options and those that are do it yourself. Watching cooks make a dish can be a memorable experience, and the showmanship adds to the overall entertainment of the evening. Another way to incorporate interactive food options is the use of a make-it-yourself bar. Allowing guests to customize their dishes is a great way to ensure that those with varying diet requirements are satisfied. The food bar can be used for one specific dish and its options, such as tacos, or for an entire course such as a dessert bar.


The cooks at Saint Germain Catering can customize a menu that includes miniature desserts, appetizers, and even small-sized entrees. This fall wedding trend does not have to include every course, however. Miniatures are a great option if even just for a dessert option. A decadent dessert, such as rich cheesecakes, can be readily enjoyed in a smaller portion size. Miniature portions also offer the opportunity to use higher end ingredients without exceeding the overall food budget.

Upgraded Comfort Food

During crisp fall weather, a warm dish of comfort food is especially enjoyable. A trend in wedding food is serving from a menu based on recognizable favorites. Comfort food dishes are commonly simple in design and well known. They can be upgraded for a wedding by supplementing ingredients with gourmet alternatives. An example is macaroni and cheese using a variety of cheese types instead of the traditional cheddar. Guests will be pleasantly surprised at the change in their favorite dishes. Local ingredients that are in season bring a unique flavor to comfort food dishes as well. A fall wedding held in Alexandria, VA may use squash as an alternative for a favorite chowder, for example. Using local and sustainable ingredients adds a layer of authenticity to the overall feeling of the fall wedding.



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