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Do you like attending parties, weddings or galas? Do you ever think who is behind planning all these extravagant parties?  The answer is event planners. They are the ones that make events successful.  Events can vary from weddings, birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate events, festival, concerts or galas. Some event planners may choose to specialize in a certain style of events such as weddings; however, some may plan it all. Depending on the event, planning may consist of one or more of the following: budgeting, establishing dates, selecting and reserving the event site, arranging décor, food, entertainment, acquiring permits, and coordinating transportation and parking. Event planners need to be patient, dedicated and hard working. There are many characteristics that an event planner must have in order to succeed in the industry.

Whether a client orders sandwiches or needs to plan a full scale event from Saint Germain Catering, they like everything to be just perfect says company Vice President Sarah Miller. Sarah is also in charge of coordinating all catering deliveries, both social and corporate, from start to finish. She’s accustomed to making sure that the food is exactly what the client orders, whether it’s for a company CEO networking event or a full scale gala for 500. Having been in the hospitality business for over 20 years; 15 of which have been in event planning and catering. “ After I planned my first event, I was hooked. I love the creative aspect of planning a function, the excitement of meeting people from all over, working with outside vendors and entertainers, and arranging corporate dinners, receptions and social functions.”

Crazy is a great work to use to describe a day in the life of a caterer and event planter. The only way that caterers and event planners can survive it is by being type A, over achievers and have their game faces on all the time Whether it’s planning those menus for clients for an in office or needing to get up early on a weekend to make sure all the weekend’s special events are ready, a person like Sarah Miller definitely stays busy.  The ultimate goal of a caterer is to exceed the client’s expectations by helping them to create a successful event and a memorable experience. In addition to client satisfaction, you hope for repeat business and a long lasting business relationship.

According to the National Restaurant Association, catering is one of the fastest-growing segments of the restaurant and food industry. A day in the life of a catering vice presiden like Sarah can be, as they say, a hard days work. Since Saint Germain Catering handles both social and corporate catering, they are not impacted by the seasons.– MacDougall just Their business often requires long days to not just prepare the food, but also to transport it to the site and coordinate services such as linen, flatware, glassware, tents and much more.

Sarah typically starts her day between 2:30 and 3 a.m. to expediate breakfast deliveries and supervising a team of 30 staff members, meaning food prep, packing platters, and delivery. Constantly checking, double checking and triple checking all the details that go into each order.  When a client comes into contact with Saint Germain whether they are  looking to set up an event or just order a drop off meal, she will discuss the parameters of the clients needs and come up with a specific situation. Important things she considers include what type of event it is, how many people are attending, if there is a theme desired, and what the customer feels is a good budget or price range. Using her in-depth knowledge of the company’s catering menu, Sarah can help the client craft the perfect menu for the event. In some cases, this may include tastings of the possible dishes to let the client review the skill and quality of the chefs, especially when it comes to weddings or events.

Once an order has been placed,  received and processed, she is then in charge of getting a catering team together to manage and staff the event. This may include waiters, bartenders, servers, and chefs, all of which may be under the direction of one of Saint Germain’s event captains. In most cases, she will also be in charge of readying items related to catering, including chairs and tables, linens, floral centerpieces, flatware, and dishes and working with our support vendors. “What I like best about my job is having a vision for an event and seeing it executed successfully” Sarah states.  “I enjoy collaborating with all the individuals needed to make the event happen, there is not a practice trial, you get one shot to pull it off. I like to see the guests and my clients leave the event knowing that we met and exceeded all their expectations.”

With a different event or even several hundred events on many days, the working life of a catering coordinator can be quite exciting.

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