The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Month: April 2012

How to Cook the Perfect Burger

Graduations and picnics galore! It’s grilling season and we have one thing on our minds: consistently juicy, perfectly seasoned and precisely medium-rare cheeseburgers! There is an insatiable appetite for making the perfect burger, and we figured we would bestow our griddled wisdom for your next […]

Saint Germain’s #1 Admin!

The nominations are in, and we have a winner! In March we asked you to nominate your office administrator for an Ultimate Day of Beauty Package at the Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner in celebration of Administrative Professional Week (April 23rd-28th). We are also awarding two […]

6 Healthy Foods for the Heart

Our philosophy of healthy eating extends well beyond our doors! Every catered meal, from a graduation party to a corporate office lunch, is created by our Chefs who take great pride in using fresh and seasonal ingredients. They devote personal attention and creativity to each […]

5 Delicious Ways to Thank Your Staff

Between all of the wedding catering and corporate events, sometimes it’s difficult to show our colleagues, coworkers and employees just how much we value them. (A LOT, by the way!) So for this week’s blog post, we’re taking a break from talking about delicious meals […]

The Sweetest Battle: Wedding Cake vs. Cupcakes

You love wedding cakes, but you also love cupcakes. A wedding cake is traditional but cupcakes are whimsical and trendy. What’s a couple to do with this delicious dilemma? With over twenty years of experience, Saint Germain has quite the experience in wedding catering and […]

Saint Germain Catering Wins Hermes Creative Award!

We are thrilled to announce our catering menu has been awarded and selected as the winner of the prestigious Hermes Creative Award by the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals (AMCP). Our menu was chosen because it “captures the food in tantalizing detail with eye-popping […]