The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Month: March 2013

What Is Catering?

If you’re planning a big event, chances are good that you need to book caterers. Catering is an essential part of any large social event, from wedding receptions to fundraisers to anniversary festivities and hundreds of other kinds of gatherings. It’s a way of taking […]

What Is the Difference Between On-Premises and Off-Premises Catering?

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a fundraiser or your wedding day, if you’re looking for a caterer chances are you have a very specific vision of what you want. Caterers are responsible for many different aspects

Four Things to Tell Your Caterer

Hiring a caterer can be intimidating. Most of us don’t use caterers very often, and when we do it’s for a really big occasion that you want to make sure goes off without a hitch.

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Cater Your Own Wedding

Think about when you first started your current job. You had to be shown how to do basic tasks, and you probably made some mistakes and had to do something over. Now, you can do the same tasks in your sleep, because you’ve done them hundreds of times. However,

4 Creative Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Wedding party catering can sometimes seem like a rerun. Caterers are capable of making some amazing delicacies, but too often it follows the same simple formal dinner setup. More and more, couples seek to make their reception stand out as something memorable and unique; and, hopefully,