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Month: May 2013

Tips For An Elegant Outdoor Wedding

  Outdoor weddings have never been more popular, but the team here at Saint Germain Catering encourage you to consider all of the components of an outdoor wedding to ensure that it’s a picture perfect day! Here are some helpful tips: 1. Have a Plan B This […]

New from Saint Germain Catering: Cupcake Decorating Party Packages!

Fresh from the kitchens of Saint Germain Catering: Cupcake parties! We love cupcakes, so we’re going to share our love and knowledge of cake decorating through our new cupcake party packages. A Saint Germain cupcake party features all of the needed supplies to decorate cupcakes, […]

When Your Wedding Reception Food Plan Fails

White dress? Check. Bridesmaids’ shoes? Check. Music? Check. Groom? Check. Food? …Oh no! It happens. Maybe you completely forgot about the food aspect midst all the other details. After all, weddings have a lot to them! Or, maybe you had a plan for the food […]

Why Cater Your Child’s Graduation Party?

A graduation party for your son or daughter might not seem like an occasion to book a professional caterer, but actually, it’s an excellent occasion for it! Whether it’s a small, much more intimate celebration, or whether you’ve invited your child’s entire class of 2013, […]