The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Month: June 2013

Big Business Meeting? Let Us Deliver Your Meal!

This is it: you’ve planned the business meeting, and you’ve got everything set. Then you start to count the minutes in your head from when the meeting starts to when it will end (and that’s if it ends early, which is rare). You can imagine […]

Let Saint Germain Catering Be At Your Party!

Looking for an exciting way to find out about the gender of your child, and want to share the joy with others? Try a Gender Reveal Party! A Gender Reveal Party is where someone besides the lucky couple takes the gender-revealing ultrasound information and then […]

Summer Party!

After months of cold weather, there are few people who don’t look forward to the summer! Vacations, family-time, and awesome food are a few things that characterize the warm months. Maybe you’re so excited to stand outside in your flip-flops that you’d like throw a […]

Make Father’s Day Extra Special

Are you looking to honor your father in a special way this year for Father’s Day? Maybe your dad has been a father for a long time and you’d like to thank him for his hard work. Or, maybe your husband (we know there are […]