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Month: October 2013

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the month each year in which we celebrate the work towards finding a cure, provide support for women undergoing breast cancer treatments, and celebrate excitement of a loved onewho has beaten breast cancer. But did you know that breast cancer can affect dogs, […]

Scary and Scrumptious: A Halloween Party

When it comes to DIY crafts and home decoration, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of year to throw a party. Start by selecting a theme. This can be done by browsing online for inspiration or even by seeing what types of decoration […]

Serving Your Holiday Needs

We love holidays at Saint Germain Catering. And although most people think of Thanksgiving or Christmas as the main American holidays, we also enjoy celebrating New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and others. Holidays and special occasions (like Halloween) are a great time for families, friends, and even companies to spend time together, and […]

A Nutritious School Lunch for Your Children

The new school year is back in session; are you already frustrated with how to send your kids to school with a healthy lunch? The easy way to go is by sending them with money to purchase a lunch, but most school lunches are loaded […]

Boxed Lunch Catering for High-Octane Business Lunches

Perhaps you’re tired of cleaning up the big mess when it comes to catering hot food or perhaps you just want something a little different for your information-filled business lunch. One incredible option that appeals to everyone is a catered boxed lunch. This is a […]