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Month: November 2013

Consider Having A Catered Thanksgiving Party This Year

You don’t have to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities only at home. In fact, celebrating an office Thanksgiving tradition is a fun way to get everyone together around the holidays to relax and share some downtime together. You can also use this as a tool to learn […]

What Was The First Thanksgiving Meal Like?

Although perhaps the sentiment and some of the traditions are the same, Thanksgiving today doesn’t look exactly the same as that first meal. It’s not entirely clear, for example, whether the first meal did include turkey or not, although we do know that a “fowling” […]

A Simple Graphic Display Of Our Holiday Menu Items

Below, a graphic display of some of our holiday menu items.

A Simple Graphic Display Of Our Holiday Appetizers & Drinks

A graphic display of the appetizers and drinks for our holiday menu.

Just Engaged? Throw an Engagement Party!

Just engaged? Congratulations! If you’ve recently decided to tie the knot, celebrate the occasion with an engagement party. This is a great way to include family and friends in a joyous occasion and to start your thinking about the wedding. Supporters can gather and enjoy […]

Mini Foods: Convenient, Diverse, And Oh-So-Adorable

Looking to take your party to the next level of convenience, variety, and cuteness? Then it’s time to cash in on the trend of mini foods! Whether it’s pies, quiches, or tacos, you can find a way to have tasty and tiny dishes served right in your home or office! […]