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Month: July 2014

Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have never been more popular, but the team here at Saint Germain Catering encourage you to consider all of the components of an outdoor wedding to ensure that it’s a picture perfect day! Here are some helpful tips: 1. Have a Plan B This is probably […]

Big Business Meeting? Make Saint Germain Catering Your First Call…

This is it: you’ve planned the business meeting, and you’ve got everything set. Then you start to count the minutes in your head from when the meeting starts to when it will end (and that’s if it ends early, which is rare). You can imagine […]

It’s Summertime, Let’s Grill

Tired of regular old hamburgers and hot dogs for your outdoor party? You are just in luck; here are some alternative choices and tips for cooking and grilling for your outdoor summer parties! Corn on the cob: Having trouble getting corn out of the husk? Use […]

Get Fit & Healthy with Saint Germain Catering

It is well recognized that our physical and social environments have a  tremendous impact on our health. The environment in which we work and live each day shapes many of the choices we make, and  either can support or hinder efforts to eat well and […]