The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Month: February 2015

Freshest Sandwiches & Wraps in Town

We take sandwiches seriously, maybe a little too seriously. Fresh bread, expeller pressed oils, all natural meats – there’s nothing artificial about our signature sandwiches! Whether it’s for office catering or an outside picnic, Saint Germain provides the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area with irresistibly […]

The Best Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

Executive Chef Anabella says that salty and sweet are a match made in cookie heaven and wants to encourage you to try her Salted Chocolate Cookie recipe. Sprinkle these perfect chocolate chip cookies with a little sea salt to achieve this delectable balance.  Take the best ever chocolate […]

Let Us Plan Your March Madness Party

March brings the excitement of college basketball that grips the nation old and young, male and female. Millions of fans are glued to results as  teams compete for basketball’s most coveted prize. From mid March through the first week of April the National Collegiate Athletic […]

Recipe Corner: Classic Cuban Sandwich

What is exactly is a Cuban sandwich? Think of it like a golden, crispy submarine sandwich but without the lettuce, tomato or other trimmings know with traditional subs. Most recipes call for sliced ham, roast pork with a mojo marinade  and Swiss cheese layered in a […]

Tips For Planning Your Catered Event

Quick Catering Tips   Finding the perfect catering company and menu for your event can be quite a challenge. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon the Saint Germain Catering blog page! The following four tips will either reduce the cost allotted to the food, beverage and service at […]

4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Wedding party catering can sometimes seem like a rerun. Caterers are capable of making some amazing delicacies, but too often it follows the same simple formal dinner setup. More and more, couples seek to make their reception stand out as something memorable and unique; and, […]

Customer Service is our Priority

No matter what the event; No matter how busy we are; No matter what…from crafting a delicious menu proposal to elegant or trendsetting decor to providing a VIP tasting to returning phone calls promptly, Customer Service is always our top priority here at Saint Germain […]

SGC: Your Boxed Lunch Specialists

Corporate box lunches can include a variety of items including seasonal menu items too in a variety of ways.  Box lunch catering is so popular because they offer portion control, the fastest way to feed your group and, little to no-fuss catering.   The typical box […]

Catering at the Office

Doing office catering successfully can be a bit trying, so we have arranged a few helpful tips that should make things simpler in the future. Whenever office catering is necessary, be certain to find the dietary needs of all the employees who will be present, […]