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Month: March 2015

Reasons Why Use a Cater For Your Event

When coming to a caterer, brides are sometimes surprised or shocked at the cost.  A thousand dollars sounds like a good size budget, until you realize that for 125 guests it only gives you $8 per person.  What most people don’t think about is that with that $1,000 a caterer has […]

Plan The Perfect Party with Hors D’oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres are to dinner what aperitifs are to wine: a little something before the main event; but can’t they be a meal on their own? Deciding if your event may or may not be the perfect Spotlight for hors d’oeuvres only- well we’ve got […]

Buffet Vs. Family Style Wedding Receptions

One of the emerging wedding trends that we see is to serve meals “family-style”, where items are presented in bowls or platters and shared and served by guests at the table.  When I think of the holidays I spend with my family, most dinners were […]

Administrative Assistant Day 2015

Do you know those great individuals who keep everything in the office running efficiently? The secretaries, receptionists, and general workers that answer the phones, handle the paperwork, make the appointments, and keep everything going like a well-oiled machine? Those are Administrative Professionals, and they have […]

Start Planning Your Admin Appreciation Meal

When planning an employee appreciation event for your company, keeping a caterer in mind is one of the most important aspects to consider.  It is important to find a caterer who will not only deliver the best and gourmet food available for catering employee appreciation […]

How much food should I serve for my event?

One of the trickiest things to do when planning a party, whether you are planning to do the cooking yourself or hiring a caterer, you have to know how much food to serve your guests. Many factors come in to play including the time and […]

How To Save Money On Your Catering

Catering can completely transform an event, both for the host and the guests, but it can also be expensive. Caterers allow you to outsource the most grueling and stressful part of any event, the food and drink, to professionals who know how to do it […]