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Month: November 2015

Get Fit and Stay in Shape

              SGC Stay Fit Tips:   Saint Germain Catering provides decadent food, beverages and desserts but we realize you can remain healthy during the holiday season. Even with fabulous food in your tummy, you can still stay fit during […]

Helpful Hints Planning Your Holiday Party

Everyone loves entertaining and spending Holiday’s with family and friends.  Here are a few tips to make planning your next holiday party seamless! Invite guests in advance. The Christmas engagement calendar fills up fast and you want to get your dinner party on the roster. […]

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Turkey Dinner

                    Thanksgiving is a time for seeing family, remembering what we are grateful for and sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together. Every family has their Thanksgiving traditions: Some prep the stuffing and cranberries while watching the […]

All The Things We Are Thankful For

          Thanksgiving is a special time of year for our Saint Germain Catering family, and not just because today is such a food-centric holiday (of course we do LOVE that part!). We love Thanksgiving because it brings us together with the […]

How to Make Your Holiday Baking Easier This Year

            Here at Saint Germain Catering, Holiday preparations are in full swing, and for many of us that means a busy kitchen. Baking at this time of year often involves large quantities or more expensive ingredients, and that can add unnecessary […]

Special Dietary Needs? No Problem

                    Considering Special Dietary Needs When Cooking   Each day, Saint Germain Catering prepares fresh, quality food for people to enjoy but with that comes one very important factor: what can our customers eat? We implore […]

Welcome Our New Executive Pastry Chef Chris Kujala

                  Where pastry is concerned, chef Chris Kujala is pretty much self-taught. Yet he’s been responsible for the breads, desserts, and specialty cakes at some of the top restaurants of Washington, DC and the nearby Chesapeake region, […]

How to Make Thanksgiving Healthier

                Thanksgiving is that wonderful holiday where you give thanks to friends, family, and good health. This year, however, you might want to forego the customary dishes for something a little healthier. Saint Germain Catering is here to […]

Ideas for Halloween Candy Leftovers

                Wondering what to do with leftover Halloween candy?   Many families find themselves with a lot of leftover candy after Halloween and Saint Germain Catering is here to help with that issue too! The following ideas are […]

Helping Holiday Party Planning Tips

Great Holiday Party Planning Tips We know that the holidays are fast approaching. We’re all watching our pennies and budgets, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t host a holiday party for employees and still keep it all in the budget. Whatever your party budget, it […]