The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Month: July 2016

Chef’s Day Off

Cooking professionally for a living is exciting, sometimes sporadic, and in a hot kitchen with sharp knives, hot pans, hot tempers and organized chaos taking place, strangely fun – it can be at times mentally and physically exhausting. So what do chefs cook on their […]

Making Happy Hours Even Happier

I love that our clients occasionally take a break from the norm of fresh pastry platters and boxed lunches or afternoon coffee-and-snack spreads. I mean, sometimes, we all just need a little RELEASE. And in our business, that means we’ll be fulfilling a different kind of […]

How Corporate Catering Helps The Office

We have seen some dynamic changes in corporate catering over the past 20 years nationally as well as locally in Tysons Corner. In the not too distant past, corporate catering was predominantly events such as Ground Breakings, Retirement Parties, and Holiday Parties. Without a doubt, […]

Focus on Action Stations for Your Next Event

Whether you call them Chef Attended Action Stations Or Action Stations, this service style is HOT! Action stations are the most interactive ways to serve your guests and bring an added level excitement, entertainment and…action to your special event. Guests watch with excitement as their […]

Office Catering 101

For those of you assigned the responsibly of catering your next office event, the task can prove to be challenging. Not only do you need keep the dietary restrictions and preferences of your co-workers in mind, but food variety and cost also plays a huge […]