The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Meet Chef Alika Keone



Executive Sous Chef Alika Keone brings over 30 years experience to the Saint Germain Catering team with  experiences in the restaurant and hotel industries. He believes two things must be in place to be a great chef: an absolute love for eating, to the point when you finish one meal you’re already thinking about the next. Second, be completely taken by the act and art of feeding others, especially when serving total strangers.  Having been born in Hawaii, Chef Alika has always been fascinated with the culture, history and food that is native to  Hawaii. He attended the University of Hawaii and received his degree in Hotel Management and began his apprenticeship in Japanese Cuisine. He was recruited to work with Hyatt resorts and to execute chef cuisine duties to both the restaurant and banquets team to produce large volumes of regional Hawaiian cuisine for guests and locals alike.  Known for his inventive style and expert execution of traditional Japanese sushi, Chef Alika is a trendsetter in the contemporary sushi world.

His catering experience is broad-ranging and diverse: from fundraising & political events to luxury five star celebration to celebrity VIP parties to hospital and private medical practice luncheons. He’s also catered scores of amazing outdoor and indoor weddings, as well as residence dinner parties and other personal events. he received intense training in creative preparation of meats, fish, fowl, stocks, and sauces. In addition to the exacting rigors of acquiring advanced cooking techniques from all around the world ( French, Japanese and Mexican), he also acquired a deep understanding around the “art of the presentation.”   Throughout his career, Chef Alika has been exposed to a variety of cuisines including Japanese, Italian, French, Polynesian, Seafood, and Caribbean. Guiding him in his creations are culinary principles that place a priority on the composition of flavors, texture and color.  Over the years, he has acquired a studied appreciation of the many aspects of catering, including menu development with an emphasis on custom tailored menus, creativity, staffing, purchasing, selecting the best food vendors, event planning and most importantly – managing the timeline.



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