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5 Steps to Hosting a Stellar Holiday Party

5 tips for a stellar holiday partyHoliday parties are often either boring, budget-busting, or both, but they certainly don’t have to be. Plan a better holiday event for friends, family, and/or coworkers, using these 5 handy tips:

Start Planning Now

The holiday season is basically party central. Between school plays, church pageants, office get-togethers, family obligations, and spending time with friends, people get booked up early on. Pick a date now and give everyone on your guest list a heads up, even if it’s a quick email or mass text. You can always decide on the exact time and location later.


Theme Outside the Box

Everybody loves a rent-a-Santa and a hastily decorated office meeting room, right? Eh, not so much. If you want this year’s party to stand out, you’ll have to put a little effort into both the setting and the décor.Here are some ideas:

  •  Rent out an ice-skating rink or bowling alley
  •  Book a screen in a movie theater and show a classic like It’s a Wonderful Life
  •  Throw a Gatsby-themed bash that combines 1920s glamour and a wintery motif
  •  Invite everyone to meet up at a distillery or winery where they can see how their holiday cheer is made before they ultimately get a chance to consume it
  •  Set your house or office up like Santa’s workshop and turn your party into a toy donation drive
  •  Think international and feature different areas dedicated to holiday traditions from around the globe


Focus on the Food

Lukewarm deli trays and grocery store cookies are NOT festive. Give the gift of delicious grub by offering up either a wide array of finger foods or interactive stations that ensure hot food is hot and cold food stays cold. Make sure you’re thinking through your menu and seating arrangements, too; you don’t want to offer plated entrees at a cocktail party and canapes won’t be enough to satisfy guests who come expecting dinner.


Don’t Overthink the Décor

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on fancy holiday party decorations, but why would you want to? By sticking to simple color schemes such as blue and silver or red and white, you can construct a classic, streamlined look that will work in almost any space.


Some other ideas:

  • Raid your craft store. Remnants from the cut-cloth bin, discounted ribbon, silk flowers and plants, and oversized letters (spell out “JOY” or “PEACE” and then spray paint or wrap in paper) may all come in handy.
  • Then raid the dollar store. Grab pillar candles, gift bags (even if you only fill them with tissue paper, they make great centerpieces), wrapping paper (to use as table runners), bows, wreaths, and vases.


Turn Up the Tunes

No party is complete without some music. If you can afford a live band, absolutely do it, but an iPod with a playlist full of seasonal classics by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald will get the party swinging in no time.


Ready to start planning your holiday party? Contact Saint Germain Catering to learn how our women-led catering company can upgrade your next event.

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