The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

5 Ways to Use Our January Catering Company Specials

There’s no rest for the ham-filled, candy-stuffed, tinsel-draped team at Saint Germain Catering. The new year is upon us, and our calendar is already filling up with everything from corporate bookings to bat mitzvahs to baby showers. We’ve also posted our January specials, and there are tons of delicious dishes just waiting to be enjoyed. Need some inspiration? Here are five ways you can use our tasty promotions to treat your friends, reward your clients, snag new business or just enjoy a meal that didn’t involve every pot and pan in your kitchen and a massive post-meal cleanup. How good does that sound?!

1. Breakfast for Your Hardworking Crew
Coming back to the office after the holidays can feel like an endless slog. Summer is so far away, and there are about a million miles of slushy snow to trudge through before you have even the tiniest chance of feeling some warm sand between your toes. Help your staff navigate any lingering cases of winter doldrums with breakfast spreads that make Monday mornings tolerable again.


• The Big Wall of Waffles
• Breakfast Sunrise
• Snow Drift Breakfast

2. A Friendly Field Trip
Every one of your friends scattered to the four corners of the globe over the holidays so they could see their families. That’s nice and all, but you sure miss their faces. Reunite over fun and food with a scavenger hunt, mass museum visit or other group-appropriate adventure; it’s as easy as setting up a Facebook event, inviting the whole crew and calling Saint Germain to take care of the vittles.

• SG Express Sandwiches on the Run
• Saint Nick’s Sandwiches and Wraps

3. Prolong the Holiday Spirit With Winter-Themed Bites
Not ready to say goodbye to holly-jolly hilarity and extra doses of goodwill? Or maybe you wanted to have a client get-together but ran out of time or couldn’t find a hole in the schedule that worked for all your busiest customers. Throw a winter-themed party with lots of snowy, silver-shot décor, and choose a comfort food-inspired menu that will warm each guest from the inside out.

• Rustic Chicken Al Forno
• Frosty’s Famous Chicken Fricassee

4. Meet Your Neighbors or Make a Sale
Whether you’ve just moved into a new community, are preparing to launch your business’s new location or want to connect with other movers and shakers in your industry, food can bring people together in some pretty phenomenal ways. As people pour themselves a cup of coffee or mulled cider and munch on snacks, they relax and become more open. Who knows, you might actually get a contract out of that open house or cement a marketing partnership with a small business owner down the street, and if not, you still have some new connections and a very happy belly.

• Hot Cider and Donut Bar
• Jammin’ January Sweet Sensations
• Signature SGC January Cupcakes

5. Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthday Parties Courtesy of Our Catering Company
Forget trying to frantically bake 20 pans of your grandma’s famous ziti or settling for boring chicken breast and dry fish as the culinary component of your long-awaited “I dos.” Anniversaries, birthdays and weddings don’t happen every day, and events that significant deserve a menu full of elevated classics.

• SGC Winter White Lasagna
• Pot Roast and Poached Salmon
• Hunter’s Hog Heaven

From the deep, rich flavor of New England Pot Roast with Brown Sauce Matignon to the coffee-tinged sweetness of a Tiramisu Cupcake, our January catering company specials offer a little something for every occasion. What are you celebrating this month?

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