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Our New Catering Menu is Live.. Look for new meals that please all of your senses

Our New Menu is Here ! Having been a catering company in the Metro DC area for over a decade and having served tens of thousands of meals, several aspects of menu planning are incorporated in all corporate and special event menus. These include texture, color, and sizes. Incorporating these characteristics takes any menu from ordinary meal to an artistic presentation. When designing our new menu, we kept all of these aspects in mind. 

Because people eat with their eyes first…looks do matter! If the menu isn’t appealing to the eye, probably the person eating the foods  opinion of the taste of that meal will be average, if that.  Food presented in style (like a corporate caterer would prepare) is expected to taste good, so the person is more than likely assumes it will also taste good.   So, here are some aspects to consider when planning your next meal:

Food Texture

When deciding what to serve, write down your proposed menu.  Are all the things on the soft side – meaning only need a fork or spoon?  Entrees like our Portabello Mushroom Lasagna and Our Best BBQ are kind of both in the same texture category in that with just a fork, the meal can be eaten.  On the other hand, are all your items crispy or crunchy?  A plate of fresh vegetables certainly has the crunch but that’s the only texture offered, so consider serving your crunchy, crispy items with a soup or our homemade chili to add another texture to the meal.  

Food Color

This is very important when planning a meal or function.  Again, your eyes will take everything in first, and then the eating begins.  If all your menu items are green, for example, it’s not as appealing if you have green as just one of the colors on the plate.  For example if you’re serving spaghetti, you wouldn’t want to serve a tomato mozzarella caprese salad.  Consider a classic cesar salad and some great Italian bread to round out the eye appeal.  You’ll have the red of spaghetti, the green (not to mention the texture of crispy lettuce) with the salad and a white/golden color (and yet another texture) of the bread. 

All Kinds of Shapes

A well rounded presentation includes different sizes and shapes of foods. Serving peas with rice or corn is a good example of about the same size food, though a good color contrast, they will get “lost” on the plate if served with a bite-sized pieces of meat.  It’s just all too small or bite sized to create a good presentation.  Peas with angel hair pasta as a starch, corn with asparagus or baby carrots incorporate size (and color) differences and enhance your presentation.


If you are looking for some perfect, eye appealing meals that incorporate all of your senses be sure to try out our Cuban Skirt Steak with flavorful strips of skirt steak marinated in authentic Cuban seasonings and served with our house chimichurri sauce, black beans and rice. Bueno!

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