The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

A Culinary Tale of Taste and Travel

Explore the taste of Saint Germain’s Around the World Buffet!

Backyard BBQ

Are you ready to explore a world of delicious cuisine offering a variety of specialty dishes from around the world? Take a journey with Chef Jeff and the award-winning culinary team at Saint Germain – best of all, no passport is required – just bring your appetite!

Picnics & BBQ’s: Pit stop Team U.S.A.!

Let’s begin this great food expedition close to home with the American Picnic Grill buffet. Featuring classic dishes like hamburgers and hot dogs you’ll want to enjoy this yummy menu “al fresco” style. Give your grill master the day off and try our Backyard BBQ themed Buffet featuring such mouthwatering dishes like slow roasted BBQ pulled pork and home-style mac & cheese that your guests will savor – and wonder why your grill looks so clean!?!

International Food Expedition

Our food travel sails on to the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea! Taste the specialty flavor of our Mediterranean Kabobs with Tz

Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos

atziki Dip, or enjoy perfectly seasoned pita chips with hummus!

Next, take the Orient Express and order our freshly prepared Asian Lettuce Wraps filled with glazed chicken and homemade Hoisin/Garlic Sauce, or satisfy your craving with a nice selection of sushi rolls!

Before heading back to the U.S., stop by Mexico for some spicy salsa & guacamole dip with our white corn tortilla chips, and grilled chicken soft tacos!

Our culinary tales don’t end here, you can venture on to sample more of our around the world buffet! Visit www.saintgermaincatering/menu/ international-foods to see more options with menus that showcase a variety of International cuisine!

Until next time, we bid you adieu as we head back to the kitchen to cook up something new!

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