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A Nutritious School Lunch for Your Children

The new school year is back in session; are you already frustrated with how to send your kids to school with a healthy lunch? The easy way to go is by sending them with money to purchase a lunch, but most school lunches are loaded with sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. This might give your children an initial boost, but make them feel like napping an hour or so later. Beat the unhealthy options by putting in the effort for a healthy lunch. It’s much easier than you think to pull one together to save time and lead to more energy for your kids during the long school day!

The best way to prepare for a healthy lunch is to purchase the right items at the store. Without the proper food “in stock” in your pantry, it’s easy to skip the healthy lunch and send them off with whatever you happen to have. Having a thermos on hand makes it extremely simple to send your children prepared with a delicious drink or soup. You can save a lot of time by freezing up delicious food as you make it, putting aside a small portion.

Invest in some plastic containers that can prepare fresh fruits or veggies for easy consumption. These are also helpful for portion control, so that you can get a visual on how much of each kind of food your little one is consuming each day. You can purchase baby carrots or grapes and easily divide them up into a week’s worth of lunches just by having the right tools on hand. When you’re ready to take a break from preparing those healthy meals every day, call in a catered option by Saint Germain Catering for dinner to give yourself a break and fill your family with a tasty and healthy meal.

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