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Add Our S’mores Station to Your Next Event


The Station

Saint Germain Catering  is excited to introduce a new addition to our menu, our  customizable S’mores Station. Encased in a beautiful wooden or copper box and filled with river stones, the station has burners placed inside to create an open flame.


The best part about this new station? It is completely customizable. Some people prefer the classic s’more, while others are looking to spice things up a bit.
Clients are welcome to browse Pinterest (it can actually be a great source of inspiration!), or ask us for new ideas. Cookie S’mores anyone? Get creative!


Not only is a S’mores Station delicious, but it acts as a unique decor piece, and provides your guests with an interactive option towards the end of your event. Including a S’mores Station in your event package is a great way to make a lasting impression on guests, and send them home with a tasty classic in their stomachs!

Contact us to discuss adding a S’mores Station to your next event package!

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