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This is it: you’ve planned the business meeting, and you’ve got everything set. Then you start to count the minutes in your head from when the meeting starts to when it will end (and that’s if it ends early, which is rare). You can imagine the stomachs rumbling halfway through – there’s no avoiding it, this is a business lunch meeting. Should you tell people to pack a lunch? That seems rather odd for such an important meeting. And it can be too much of a distraction and hassle, especially if people need to heat up their leftovers. Why not provide your team a meal? But wait, you don’t have time to run off and grab sandwiches. However, you also can’t have caterers running around while you’re having the meeting (too much internal business stuff to discuss, and too much of a distraction). What now?

Saint Germain Catering provides corporate drop-off catering specifically for companies like yours! We’re here to provide quick yet still professional and delicious food, right to your business. We provide tons of options, depending on if you’d like just light snacks and finger-foods, sandwiches, or even more traditional dinners. You can rest assured that with Saint Germain Catering, your business meeting will be a success (and everyone will thank you for the excellent and tasty idea).

If you favor more of the packed lunch idea, we have a “Boxed To-Go” lunch that provides a wide variety of ready-to-go meals, perfect for your team! These include a sandwich or wrap with a side pasta salad, our homemade (and delicious!) Parma chips, a cookie, and a beverage! These are easy to serve, don’t cause a distraction, and are loved by all!

Looking for a sandwich-themed lunch? Try our “Amazing New Sandwiches” menu, which features sandwiches such as Thin-sliced roast beef with arugula and horseradish mayo on an onion kaiser roll, Italian with Genoa salami, cappicola ham, provolone, red onion and oil and vinegar on baguette, and even a vegetarian sandwich that has balsamic grilled portabellas arugula, goat cheese and roasted peppers on ciabatta bread.  We even have similar sandwiches that come on baguette breads with our “Best Baguette Sandwiches.” We even have “Daily Deal Sandwiches” if you need something that’s a little easier on the wallet.

Ready to really dish out the best to your employees? How about our “Cajun Celebration” which includes Cajun shrimp and Andouille sausage kabobs, mini lobster salad Po’Boy sandwiches, and more. Or, “From the Smokehouse,” which features BBQ beef brisket, herb-marinated chicken quarters, BBQ baby back ribs, and more.

Maybe your meetings are in-between meals, and yet go just long enough that people get hungry. We offer snack-options such as our “Famous Parfait Cups” which offers individual 12 ounce yogurt parfait cups, including caramel banana with crushed golden graham cereal layered with caramel sauce, vanilla yogurt, and fresh banana slices. Another option would be our delicious “Italian Antipasto Display” with Italian standard-fare mozzarella cheese cubes, genoa salami, black olives, marinated artichokes, and more.

As you can see, Saint Germain Catering can cater to your specific business meeting needs. Whether you’re looking for snacks or a full-course meal, we’ve got you covered, delivered right to your business for your convenience! Simply call us and we’ll walk you through the process to make your corporation’s meeting a delicious success.

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