The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Boxed Lunch Catering for High-Octane Business Lunches

Perhaps you’re tired of cleaning up the big mess when it comes to catering hot food or perhaps you just want something a little different for your information-filled business lunch. One incredible option that appeals to everyone is a catered boxed lunch. This is a great direction to go for multiple reasons, and it can certainly make your life easier this year when you plan your business lunches or seminars.

First of all, catered boxed lunches allow everyone to make a choice. You can address the needs of gluten-free or diet-specific individuals by giving them the power to elect what they want for lunch. When people have the choice to determine what they want to eat, they tend to claim ownership and show up on time, excited to go. This also shows that you went the extra mile to be sure that each individual at the meeting has a personalized food selection.

Catered boxed lunches also cut down on your prep time. Each boxed lunch comes with silverware, napkins, and any necessary condiments, which means you save time and money having to predict and acquire those materials in advance. Since each box is prepared for a personal portion, you don’t have to worry about storing those condiments in your fridge for months afterwards only to toss them eventually.

Finally, cleanup is simple with catered boxed lunches. Each person can take home whatever they didn’t consume at lunch and others will generally put all their trash right back in the box. You don’t have to be concerned with cleaning up and getting your meeting room ready for the next event: cleanup is a cinch when you’ve ordered ahead from professional caterers like St. Germain Catering! Go ahead and get a quote today – you’ll be amazed at what a big hit the catered boxed lunches will be at your next event!

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