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Breakfast and Brain Power: How Catering Companies are Improving Morning Meetings

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve all heard (and likely, at least at some point, appreciated) the sentiment. But the real world is a busy place, and sometimes our idea of a balanced breakfast is a frantically poured cup of coffee that we manage not to spill as we sprint out the door. A hungry stomach is bad enough when you’re just running errands or spending a lazy Saturday at home, but a lack of nutrients is even more dire when you’re facing a full day of corporate shenanigans and project management. For bosses who value productivity and employee morale, bringing in a catering company to provide a hearty breakfast on important days could be the key to business success.

Feeding Your Staff a Strong Foundation

There’s no telling what your employees are or aren’t eating before they clock in. Providing a nutritional breakfast spread helps ensure they build and maintain energy that can power them through client meetings and brainstorming sessions. By eating a variety of important vitamins and minerals, incorporating plenty of fiber and keeping sugar levels to a dull roar, workers are not only bound to be more productive, they’re actually fortifying their health by regulating cholesterol levels, bolstering their immune systems and encouraging healthy circulation.

In the short term, all those benefits translate to a workforce that’s awake, alert and efficient. In the long term, it can mean lower insurance costs, fewer sick days and an overall increase in productivity that can seriously augment your bottom line.

How to Build a Better Breakfast

What goes into a marvelous morning meal? Every plate should incorporate these five components:

  • Protein: Low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cottage cheese work well here, but nondairy milks, turkey bacon, peanut butter, chicken sausage and eggs are also excellent choices.
  • Complex carbohydrates: Ingredients like oats and whole-grain toast provide a sense of fullness in addition to sustained energy, but they also pack in fiber, which whisks away bad cholesterol.
  • Good fats: Peanut butter makes another appearance in this category alongside coconut oil (great for sautéing some spinach to tuck inside an omelet), avocado and even grass-fed butter.
  • Healthy sugars: Think fresh fruits like apples, bananas and lots of berries. Juice is another decent option, but make sure it’s freshly squeezed and contains no added sugar.

Some ingredients do double duty too. For instance, offer nuts and seeds to top avocado toast or oatmeal, and diners will be scarfing down protein, fat and fiber in every bite.

Why Breakfast From a Catering Company Is the Best Idea Ever

Well, for starters, you’re not cooking for the masses every Friday, right? It simply isn’t practical. The next option is to grab a box of bagels or breakfast sandwiches on the way in, but that ticks off very few of the “healthy eats” boxes. When you have your office breakfast catered, you’re investing in a mouthwatering meal made by experts who can accommodate all kinds of menu requests, account for allergies and other dietary restrictions, and take care of setup and breakdown so your team can eat and get back to work pronto.

Ready to kick off your fall quarter with gusto? Our September catering company specials are full of crowd-pleasers like our Local Farm Egg Bake and Fabulous French toast along with lunch and dinner creations that’ll get your staff through stressful afternoons and post-dinner deadlines too. Call Saint Germain today to bring the best culinary squad in Northern Virginia to your boardroom.

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