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5 Ways to Use Our January Catering Company Specials

5 Ways to Use Our January Catering Company Specials

There’s no rest for the ham-filled, candy-stuffed, tinsel-draped team at Saint Germain Catering. The new year is upon us, and our calendar is already filling up with everything from corporate bookings to bat mitzvahs to baby showers. We’ve also posted our January specials, and there […]

4 Ways to Include Healthy Options on Your Catering Company Menu

4 Ways to Include Healthy Options on Your Catering Company Menu

We’ve barely cleaned up the New Year’s confetti, our list of resolutions is giving us the side-eye from a spot on the corner of our desk, and American Heart Month is just around the corner. Combine all those factors with the slight foodie guilt we’re […]

Chef’s Day Off

Cooking professionally for a living is exciting, sometimes sporadic, and in a hot kitchen with sharp knives, hot pans, hot tempers and organized chaos taking place, strangely fun – it can be at times mentally and physically exhausting. So what do chefs cook on their […]

All The Things We Are Thankful For

          Thanksgiving is a special time of year for our Saint Germain Catering family, and not just because today is such a food-centric holiday (of course we do LOVE that part!). We love Thanksgiving because it brings us together with the […]

Special Dietary Needs? No Problem

                    Considering Special Dietary Needs When Cooking   Each day, Saint Germain Catering prepares fresh, quality food for people to enjoy but with that comes one very important factor: what can our customers eat? We implore […]

Helping Holiday Party Planning Tips

Great Holiday Party Planning Tips We know that the holidays are fast approaching. We’re all watching our pennies and budgets, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t host a holiday party for employees and still keep it all in the budget. Whatever your party budget, it […]

Fall Themed Favorites

With fall in full swing, it’s that time of year where people start avoiding the outdoors and start making time to get together again. Whether it’s for a sporting event, holiday, or just to socialize, we made a list of some of our favorite fall […]

Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Setting up formal get together, corporate events, and other events that need everyone to stay their finest frocks in addition to behavior could be daunting or even terrifying. One misstep and the slide could head out downhill, your reputation, as well as it. This is […]

Looking for a New Corporate Catering Company in DC?

If you have a big corporate event coming up and you need a corporate catering company in Washington DC,  you can count on Saint Germain Catering to help you make a good impression. The catering company you choose can have a direct effect on whether or not […]

Check Us Out on Instagram

Love the instant gratification of a gorgeous shot on Instagram? Want to know more about catering in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas? Well, look no further than our new Saint Germain Catering’s  Instagram feed! Look for us at Saint Germain Catering! We will showcase […]