The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering


#1 Corporate Catering Company

              If nothing else, our many years of catering business luncheons and large corporate seminars have taught us one thing: the more well-fed your employees are, the better they work! A hungry worker is not a happy worker. Our […]

Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Setting up formal get together, corporate events, and other events that need everyone to stay their finest frocks in addition to behavior could be daunting or even terrifying. One misstep and the slide could head out downhill, your reputation, as well as it. This is […]

Ways to Save Money On Your Catering Costs

Catering can completely transform an event, both for the host and the guests, but it can also be expensive. Caterers allow you to outsource the most grueling and stressful part of any event, the food and drink, to professionals who know how to do it […]

Big Meeting at the Office? Call Saint Germain Catering

This is it: you’ve planned the business meeting, and you’ve got everything set. Then you start to count the minutes in your head from when the meeting starts to when it will end (and that’s if it ends early, which is rare). You can imagine […]

Presidential Inauguration 2013, A Festive Occasion

It happens once very four years, and the DC Metro area we serve is once again about to transform into the behive of activity and festive celebration that accompanies a Presidential Inauguration. A week of festivities include the Presidential Swearing-in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and numerous inaugural balls and galas, official and unofficial. Will you, your office or organization be commemorating the 2013 Inauguration?