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Heart Healthy

How to Make Thanksgiving Healthier

                Thanksgiving is that wonderful holiday where you give thanks to friends, family, and good health. This year, however, you might want to forego the customary dishes for something a little healthier. Saint Germain Catering is here to […]

Check Us Out on Instagram

Love the instant gratification of a gorgeous shot on Instagram? Want to know more about catering in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas? Well, look no further than our new Saint Germain Catering’s  Instagram feed! Look for us at Saint Germain Catering! We will showcase […]

Ways to Save Money On Your Catering Costs

Catering can completely transform an event, both for the host and the guests, but it can also be expensive. Caterers allow you to outsource the most grueling and stressful part of any event, the food and drink, to professionals who know how to do it […]

Welcome Fall with Lasagna Soup

With Summer officially over and Fall arriving this past week, the talented team here at Saint Germain Catering has been busy perfecting our Soups, Chili’s and Stews.  Do you like lasagna? If you answered yes, or even no, you’re going to want to make this soup! This is […]

Plan a Healthier Meal for Your Team

Every day we cater delicious meals to Washington, DC-area businesses and offices. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, meetings or celebrations, you always need your team to be focused, healthy and full of energy. This week we are going to help you with planning a healthy […]

We’ve Got Low-Carb Catering Options!

Call it whatever you want: Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, Ideal Protein, or just a plain old, low-carb diet. Let’s not get too hung up on the details of who owns the simple concept of cutting back on bread in order to lose weight or promote overall health. What matters is that you have an event to plan, or a meeting to hold, and you know that there are going to be people in attendance who follow this diet and take it quite seriously.

Healthy Summer Foods with Secret Health Benefits

It’s a beautiful summer in Washington D.C. and we’re spending it being healthy and active outside. Of course, your favorite DC caterer has an abundance of fresh, delicious and healthy choices. We thought this week we would focus on the many summer’s fruits and vegetables […]

Beat The Heat with Saint Germain!

Saint Germain does DC catering, which means we experience the Washington, DC heat like no other in the summer and we thought, seeing that the Summer Solstice was this week, we could focus on foods that keep cool in this scorching heat! So when the […]