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Top Gluten & Vegan Free Caterer you need Executive Chef Jeffrey Witte from Saint Germain Catering

Top Gluten & Vegan Free Caterer you need Executive Chef Jeffrey Witte from Saint Germain Catering

Planning a menu where the Chef has the talent to make it healthy and fit the right needs of your clients. Chef Jeff Witte has exactly that. The knowledge and the right cooking techniques and gift of his touch for food. Here is a taste […]

December Specials & New Ideas for Holiday Events!

December Specials & New Ideas for Holiday Events!

Ham and turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and mashed potatoes oh my!!! The holidays are upon us and so are the traditional goodies, but this December, the ingenious minds at Saint Germain Catering have let their creativity flow. The result is an enticing list of fun […]

What to Devour During World Vegan Month

What to Devour During World Vegan Month

While the month of November is generally linked to massive turkey consumption in America, November also marks World Vegan Month. According to some sources, approximately 2.5 percent of the US population (or about 1 million people, as of 2013) identify as vegan, a number that is steadily […]

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, but if we’re honest with ourselves, this much-anticipated holiday has a lot to do with delicious food, too. We spend all day cooking up a massive spread only to be faced with a fridge full of leftovers. Forget pawning […]

#1 Corporate Catering Company

              If nothing else, our many years of catering business luncheons and large corporate seminars have taught us one thing: the more well-fed your employees are, the better they work! A hungry worker is not a happy worker. Our […]

Trends In Holiday Parties 2015

                      If your corporate group has always planned the same holiday party year after year, with the same menu year after year, it’s time to make a change. The best holiday gift you can give […]

Helpful Hints Planning Your Holiday Party

Everyone loves entertaining and spending Holiday’s with family and friends.  Here are a few tips to make planning your next holiday party seamless! Invite guests in advance. The Christmas engagement calendar fills up fast and you want to get your dinner party on the roster. […]

Fall Themed Favorites

With fall in full swing, it’s that time of year where people start avoiding the outdoors and start making time to get together again. Whether it’s for a sporting event, holiday, or just to socialize, we made a list of some of our favorite fall […]

Plan a Healthier Meal for Your Team

Every day we cater delicious meals to Washington, DC-area businesses and offices. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, meetings or celebrations, you always need your team to be focused, healthy and full of energy. This week we are going to help you with planning a healthy […]

Saint Germain Catering Offers Tips on How to Reduce Catering Costs

Need to come up with fresh, creative menus for your next office meeting or event? Need something nicer than pizza but still working on a limited budget?  Saint Germain Catering offers attractive catered meals for business customers that need to work within a limited budget. […]