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Our Catering Company’s Top 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas

Our Catering Company’s Top 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas

  The entire month of January can feel like such a slog. The holidays are over, and all the holly jolly energy seems to have gotten tossed onto the front lawn along with your withered Christmas tree. Spring is still months away, and the newly […]

Top Gluten & Vegan Free Caterer you need Executive Chef Jeffrey Witte from Saint Germain Catering

Top Gluten & Vegan Free Caterer you need Executive Chef Jeffrey Witte from Saint Germain Catering

Planning a menu where the Chef has the talent to make it healthy and fit the right needs of your clients. Chef Jeff Witte has exactly that. The knowledge and the right cooking techniques and gift of his touch for food. Here is a taste […]

What to Devour During World Vegan Month

What to Devour During World Vegan Month

While the month of November is generally linked to massive turkey consumption in America, November also marks World Vegan Month. According to some sources, approximately 2.5 percent of the US population (or about 1 million people, as of 2013) identify as vegan, a number that is steadily […]

Fall Marketing Ideas: How to Promote Your Business With Fun and Food

Late fall is a funny time for many business owners. You’re likely experiencing a rush of gratitude, thanks to the after-effects of Thanksgiving and all that warm and tingly togetherness, but you’re also keeping one eye towards the new year and all the new opportunities […]

#1 Corporate Catering Company

              If nothing else, our many years of catering business luncheons and large corporate seminars have taught us one thing: the more well-fed your employees are, the better they work! A hungry worker is not a happy worker. Our […]

All The Things We Are Thankful For

          Thanksgiving is a special time of year for our Saint Germain Catering family, and not just because today is such a food-centric holiday (of course we do LOVE that part!). We love Thanksgiving because it brings us together with the […]

Hiring a Corporate Catering Company

Setting up formal get together, corporate events, and other events that need everyone to stay their finest frocks in addition to behavior could be daunting or even terrifying. One misstep and the slide could head out downhill, your reputation, as well as it. This is […]

Check Us Out on Instagram

Love the instant gratification of a gorgeous shot on Instagram? Want to know more about catering in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas? Well, look no further than our new Saint Germain Catering’s  Instagram feed! Look for us at Saint Germain Catering! We will showcase […]

Saint Germain Catering Can Handle It All-Corporate & Social Catering

When most people think of  Saint Germain Catering,  they think of the great service, our attention to detail, or our delicious food  with lots of flavor. Around the catering industry, Saint Germain’s has been known for our competitive pricing and personable Owner, Mina Ebrahimi and her staff. […]

Big Meeting at the Office? Call Saint Germain Catering

This is it: you’ve planned the business meeting, and you’ve got everything set. Then you start to count the minutes in your head from when the meeting starts to when it will end (and that’s if it ends early, which is rare). You can imagine […]