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Catering Company-Approved Hostess Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

Catering Company-Approved Hostess Gifts

Holiday gatherings are often divided into two groups: those who cook and those who eat. If you’re lucky enough to score an invitation to someone else’s home for dinner and drinks, don’t’ show up empty-handed. Be a good guest and delight the chef with these catering company-approved hostess gifts that’ll make braising, baking and serving up dessert more fun than ever.

For the Nerdy Cocktail Enthusiast: Star Wars Ice Molds, $15.96 –Buy It

Geek out with these Darth Vader ice cube molds from Williams Sonoma. Flexible, BPA-free silicone makes it easy to pop out ice for an after-dinner drink so you and your host can enjoy a bourbon on the rocks while you talk about the best way to support the Rebellion.

For the Cook Who Misses Summer: Triple Quick Pop Maker, $49.99 –Buy It

We may have a way to go until it’s time for pool days and beach vacations again, but whip up some ice pops in this handy gadget and it’ll feel like summer is just around the corner. Make classic childhood favorites like layered rocket pops or creamsicles, or think like an adult and try out a rose-infused recipe or a frozen mojito-inspired mocktail.

For the Dedicated Naturalist: Nature Nate’s 100% Raw & Unfiltered Honey, $12 –Buy It

If your hosts covet organic vegetables and whole grains with a passion you normally reserve for chocolate, give them a sweet treat with this tin of Nature Nate’s 100% Raw & Unfiltered Honey. It’s lovely drizzled over fresh-from-the-oven scones, stirred into herbal tea or slathered onto a toasted slice of sprouted bread, and the tin designs are beautiful too.

For the Avid Entertainer: Personalized Cheese Board, $30 –Buy It

You already know that your host or hostess loves to entertain, so why not cater to their strengths with a gift that helps their favorite hobby along? Appetizer spreads look especially lovely on a personalized cheese board, and this lovingly made version features natural wood grain that provides the perfect backdrop for everything from caprese skewers to hunks of gouda.

For the Music-Loving Oenophile: Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses, $65 –Buy It

Now you can end dinner with an impromptu show. All you have to do is whip out these special glasses, fill them to the desired pitch and run a damp finger around the rim. Instant sonata! It’s a fun little trick that your lucky hostess can turn to time and time again, either as an icebreaker at future gatherings or as a way to wind down once the guests are gone and the dishes are done.

For the Sweet Tooth or the Goof: Martin’s Chocolate Marzipan Brussels Sprouts, $8.99 –Buy It

Not everybody likes to eat their vegetables, but the lucky recipients of this gift will be hiding their greens from guests for very good reason. Each candy may look like a hated brussels sprout, but the marzipan outside is protecting a ton of chocolatey goodness. It’s a twist on the classic box of chocolates that’s sure to get people smiling.

For Someone Who Aspires to Open Their Own Catering Company: Mortar & Pestle, $26 –Buy It

When it’s time to grind spices, pulverize herbs or make pesto, true cooks reach for a mortar and pestle. It’s something every serious culinarian should have, whether they’re aspiring to launch their own company or just creating masterpieces for a few honored guests.

Even dedicated culinarians need to break away from manning the pots and pans on occasion. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a night of relaxation and let your local catering company do all the work. Order from our Saint Germain holiday catering menu and revel in delicious dishes that pack tons of flavor without a hint of hassle.

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