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Catering Company Tips and Tricks for Perfect Party Planning


Depending on your outlook and affinity for detailed strategizing, planning a party can either be tons of fun or a real pain. Either way, your path to executing an A-list event just got easier thanks to these must-have tips from our catering company experts.

Take a Quick Survey on the Invitations/RSVP Cards

Avoid last-minute disasters by inquiring ahead of time about your guests’ dietary needs. Provide a line on the invitation or RSVP cards where people can declare their vegan preferences or need for a soy-free meal. This gives you and your catering company time to figure out something delicious.

Save Money with a Signature Cocktail

If you have unlimited funds with which to throw the party of the century, by all means spring for a full bar and let your guests have at it — trust us, no one will mind! But for those clients with a budget they need to be respectful of (and that’s most clients), we recommend swapping out an endless array of liquor bottles in favor of a few signature cocktails. Have a mixologist whip up a couple of concoctions based on your party theme and you’ll add a special element to your event, save money and make life easier on your bartenders.

Match Your Dining Style to the Event

A sit-down dinner is a bad idea for a casual affair. VIP clients don’t want to stand at an omelet station waiting for their food. One buffet line for 200 people is a bad idea. Before you decide how you want your food to be served, know three things: how many people will be attending, what level of service those people expect and how you want your menu choices to be received.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re a dreamer, there’s a good chance your perfect party might be a bit out of reach. Don’t get frustrated, get creative!

  • Is your venue too pricey? Ask if they give a discount for a daytime or midweek event.
  • Not sure a full dinner is the right choice? Consider a fun-filled happy hour with apps and cocktails, or do fancy coffee drinks and an array of desserts.
  • Struggling to afford fancy décor? Let the food make a statement. Charcuterie plates down the middle of the table are much prettier than tired faux flower centerpieces, and crudité baskets on the buffet are both pretty and functional.

Give Your Catering Company Some Leeway

Why hire a team of culinary experts if you’re just going to keep them on a short leash? Ask your hired chefs what they like to cook and include some of those recipes in your menu. Need ideas for canapes to fit with your Harry Potter motif or disco-inspired décor? Maybe they can’t wait to make some butterbeer donuts or create a one-of-a-kind Studio 54 Steak Frites. You won’t know until you ask.

Get the Right Amount of Wine

Splashing out on some tasty vino? Get just what you need, no more and no less, by estimating guests will drink about 1.5 glasses each. That typically accounts for teetotalers who avoid alcohol altogether as well as anyone who’d like to enjoy a little more. As for red versus white, that involves a bit more guesswork, but look at it this way — if you have any wine left over, you can make a beautiful sangria for your next cookout.

Interested in other ways to ensure your big event gets a gold star? Ask your catering company for suggestions. At Saint Germain, we love finding new ways to assist our clients, and we’re always happy to talk business.

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