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Catering Company Tips: Your SGC Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival GuideThe holidays are all about entertaining, so why not get some tips from the experts? Check out our catering company’s holiday survival guide and you just might get to 2018 with your sanity intact!

Stream Your Holiday Soundtrack

Music makes wrapping presents and shoveling snow a lot less tedious, but no one has time to sort through CDs or flip LPs. Keep a steady flow of tunes always at the ready with streaming services like Amazon Music, Pandora and Spotify. They all have tons of holiday channels, including themed ones ranging from seasonal jazz to Cajun-inspired ditties, or you can put together your own playlist featuring personal holiday favorites.

Delegate Wherever and Whenever Possible

Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to do every task imaginable all by yourself. While you’re seeing to the feast, ask your guests to grab a few bottles of wine, assign the kids the task of setting the table, and ask your crafty cousin to put together a masterful centerpiece.

Fake it Til You Make It

There’s no shame in souping up store-bought items. Prearranged flowers in one of your heirloom vases or deli cranberry sauce in a Waterford crystal bowl will work nicely and save you tons of time.

Quit Putting the Florist’s Kids Through College

Flowers are beautiful. They’re also ridiculously expensive, and they die quickly. Rather than constantly replenishing your arrangements and picking up fallen blooms as they carpet your floor, opt for greenery like pine and juniper boughs. A few long pieces paired with some pinecones looks lovely over the fireplace, and you can tuck a few artfully tied ribbons into an evergreen wreath to great effect. Even your tree trimmings can get a second life as pine-scented accents in your entryway or bathroom, and they’ll last for weeks, too.

Schedule a Spa Day

Forget waiting in line for four hours at the mall only to find the newest, hottest toy (that your kid probably won’t play with for more than a day anyway) is already sold out. Skip the stress and soak in the steam room, bask in a sauna and have some talented therapist massage away until all thoughts of your incoming inlaws seem far, far away.

Stash a Couple “In Case” Gifts in Your Closet

The next time you’re out shopping, snag a couple of all-purpose presents that are gender-neutral and pleasing for whoever might get them. When you get an unexpected invite or find yourself rushing off last-minute to a cocktail party or Christmas bash, you won’t have to arrive empty-handed. Our suggestions? A great bottle of olive oil, a trio of gourmet salts or a copy of your favorite cookbook.

*Pro Tip: Prewrap the presents and put a sticky note on the outside as a temporary label so you’re not guessing what’s inside when you’re in a hurry.

Hire a Catering Company

Leave it to the top catering company in Northern Virginia to suggest ordering in as a way to beat holiday stress, but think about it — most of what we worry about during the holiday season has to do with planning, executing and cleaning up after a huge celebratory feast. Take that out of the equation and you have more time to enjoy friends and family and really immerse yourself in the festivities. You can still decorate the house, decide on your menu and DIY some party favors (homemade limoncello, caramel apples or fruity vinegars, for example) if the mood strikes, but you’ll be able to leave the turkey brining and pan scrubbing to someone else.

Still looking for a catering company to handle your family feasts? Check out our holiday catering menu to see what Saint Germain can whip up for you and yours!

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