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Catering: Not Just For Weddings

Most people are aware that catering is often done at weddings. But did you know there are many other events for which catering are a perfect solution?


Wedding Receptions

We’ll start with the standard even that everyone thinks of: weddings! We love catering for a wedding. From hors d’oeuvres to three or four-course meals served on silver platters, no wedding has the same kind of catering, and we love that! Check out our wide selection of services and foods to get some great ideas for your (or your daughter’s) wedding. And don’t forget the cake!


 Catering for bridal showers and baby showers is another great idea! Hors d’oeuvres make an excellent shower food, but certainly a meal might be a great option too. Cupcakes or tea cookies are also an excellent addition to a shower.


Business Meetings

Big meeting at work? We can help! Everything from (really tasty) boxed lunches, finger foods, to delicious and eye-appealing meals that will be sure to keep your employees’ tummies full and the ideas rolling.



Surprise! We can cater picnics too! Big family or company picnic? We’ve got you covered. We actually have picnic-like catering perfect for your special outing.


Funeral Receptions

Although no one likes a funeral, we will do our very best to provide comforting food during a funeral reception. We would recommend hors d’oeuvres for a funeral reception.



Maybe you have a big event going on and need to feed the people that are helping to raise money. Or maybe you’d like the catering to be a part of the fundraising – whatever your needs, we can help. Snacks are excellent for fundraisers if there is another event going on. However, you could also provide a full-course meal as part of the fundraising itself, or perhaps as a thank-you to particular benefactors.


Church Event

Is your church going to be celebrating a monumental event, such as a church anniversary or perhaps a clergy retiring? Maybe you’d like to put on a special dinner for couples or for just the ladies or gentlemen? Catering with a delicious and lovely meal would be perfect! Or, perhaps you’re having a “potluck” but would like someone besides a layperson to provide the main course – we can help with that too!



Everything from holidays to just-because parties, we love to help you with the food for parties! And parties can include everything from just desserts, like a whole bunch of cupcakes for a holiday bash, to luau-inspired meals to celebrate the summer time.

As you can see, there is a ton of ways that catering can be used – and Saint Germain Catering would love to cater for you! Just contact us by phone or email and we’ll work with you to help you create the perfect catering design for your event.

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