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Catering with a Purpose


If you’re working a part or full time job at a restaurant, meals are part of the perk of employment. At nearly every level of the professional chain, from service to executive, meals are often the high water mark on how we are doing on our chosen career path. The world of corporate catering is no different; whether you’re dealing with individual lunch meetings or luncheons with hundreds (or even thousands) of employees, the quality of the food matters a great deal to both personal image and company morale.

Corporate catering that offers higher quality meal options for clients and employees can be not only impressive, but endearing on a level that few other skills can match. By working with a professional catering service, you can set up the perfect meal options and menu plans that will wow your potential business partners, give employees that boost of confidence, and generally bring everyone together at the same table.

Catering with a Purpose

With general event catering, the idea is to keep everyone fed with the foods that they love. The same is true of corporate events, but there are added objectives to consider. What if you’re catering for a breakfast before a big presentation? Will it be an evening meal to celebrate a new acquisition or award? These catering options stand out as being extremely important in menu planning, as they can not only affect the performance of those who actually eat the food, but the general mood of the event.

Corporate caterers often set up hot and cold stations for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which can serve two different needs. The first is that they can create a contrast of flavors and textures. The second is that they can serve two different types of guests; those who prefer cold, or raw, foods, and those who are interested in prepared meals. Some guests, for example, may forgo a rich desert in favor of fresh fruit. In corporate environments, where one needs to be quick on his or her toes, options like these can make all of the difference.

Catering with a purpose also means making a strong impression if you want to get potential partners on board with your idea. It’s good to be bold, but not too bold, with your menu options and to make sure that you research ahead of time to discover what everyone will be happy with. The more well researched the menu is, the better the results will be.

Catering for Meetings & Employee Benefits

Whether you’re having a big orientation day after a wave of new hires, or you’re having a holiday celebration, nothing tells your employees that you care more about them than a high quality, catered meal. Catering can be great for staff appreciation days, special parties, or even just “random” luncheons. They can help your employees to save a little on their usual lunch bill, and they can give everyone a much stronger incentive to show up, be present, and be active within the company.

A catered, in-house event also gives your company employees the opportunity to mingle, particularly between departments and levels of management. This can create an atmosphere where new ideas can flourish, new contacts can be made, and a greater appreciation for the company can be formed.

Catering that Cares

Fundraisers are also another opportunity for catering. Most fundraisers occur during the evenings, which is when most people will be having their dinner. Catering for these events can offer filling, but not heavy, meal options that can come in many different categories. Vegetarian or vegan entree items, gluten-free entrees, and other options should be considered.

Remember that presentation matters as well. If your catering service offers special presentation options, consider them. Centerpieces, sugar sculptures, and other specialty decorations can be a rather novel way to add an interesting accent to an already impressive meal. If you’re interested in what your local catering companies have to offer, contact one to speak with a representative. You can also contact national catering concierge services to find and connect with select catering companies within your area.

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