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Celebrate with One Last Summer Picnic

That fall chill is now in the air, but don’t burrow in and prepare for the winter just yet. This is a great opportunity to plan one last picnic for friends, family, or employees. There are so many benefits to scheduling a picnic during September or October and you’re sure to add some fun for the downtime in between Labor Day and Halloween by simply toasting the turning leaves and fresh fall air.

The first reason to schedule your picnic now is that the weather is still nice. In fact, if fall sports games like football are any indication, this is the favorite time of year for many people to step outside and enjoy the sun and cool breeze. This is the ideal time to schedule some outdoor activities common with picnics, like bocce ball or volleyball, since people are less likely to overheat at this time of year. You can even offer your guests seasonal, fresh apple cider to help cool them off!

Another great reason to take everyone outdoors during the autumn season is that outdoor locations tend to be less booked during this time of year, so you can capitalize on that park or picnic spot that was overbooked during the summer. People’s schedules are also easier in the fall, since children are back in school and there’s a finite sense of what’s happening. With summer vacations out of the way, your total turnout is likely to be higher than if you planned a summer event.

A final summer/fall picnic is the best way to help draw a close to the summer and start building the anticipation of fall and winter events. Getting everyone together outdoors is a great opportunity to call in the experts at St. Germain Catering, who will work to ensure that your event is top quality and filled with lush and tasty food.

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