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Celebrate the Winter Olympics with Some Help from Saint Germain Catering Company

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are already underway, with competition scheduled to continue until closing ceremonies on Sunday, February 25. That means you still have time to support a bunch of the world’s most talented athletes as they pursue their quest for a spot on the winners’ podium. Can’t make it all the way to Pyeongchang? Fete your figure skating favorites and celebrate skiing with your friends and family by throwing a catering company-assisted Olympic party that’s full of patriotic spirit and flavors from around the world.

Host a Breakfast or Brunch Bash

Thanks to the gaping time difference between the United States and South Korea, much of this year’s Winter Games will hit American airwaves in the wee hours. Invite friends over for those can’t-miss morning events and institute a pajamas-only dress code. Layout pots of coffee and tea, mix up a mimosa or bellini bar (a trio of fresh fruit purees and a few bottles of sparkling wine will do the trick), and order in a Bountiful Bobsledding Breakfast. Guests can choose between lighter fare including donut beignets and whole fruit or fill their plate with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, smoked bacon, and sausage.

Play Your Own Mini Versions of Olympic Games

Get into the competitive spirit (and keep the kids occupied) with an array of activities and games:

  • Freeze Lego figurines in an ice cube tray and race them in pairs down two spare pieces of rain gutter placed side-by-side. First frozen “athlete” to the bottom wins!
  • Take advantage of a snowy day with this twist on horseshoes: Fill balloons with tinted water (in the official Olympic colors, of course) and see who can toss their balloon closest to the designated target.
  • Play Olympic Bingo! Label the squares with popular announcer phrases, pictures of specific events or memorable moves such as a triple axel.

Have Fun with Decor

Sometimes, all you need to get friends and family in the mood for some luge or curling is a little imaginative decor. Greet guests with DIY Olympic torches made out of fiery-hued tissue paper stuffed into paper towel tubes. Buy or print out a variety of flags and use them as name cards, placemats or to construct a backdrop for your Olympic-themed photo booth. The Olympic rings are the perfect inspiration for an eye-catching display made from oversized pom-poms or helium balloons.

Hire a Catering Company to Tempt Your Taste Buds

We love burgers and fries as much as the next person, but an event as global in nature as the Olympics calls for a more creative culinary spread. Luckily, Saint Germain Catering company has just the ticket:

  • Speed Skating Sandwiches & Wraps: These convenient handheld treats mean you can cheer for Lindsey Vonn with one hand and chomp on the Whole Wheat Turkey Club Sandwich with Avocado Aioli or Teriyaki Chicken Wrap you’re holding in the other.
  • Ski Jump Savory Sweet Potato Gnocchi: The Italian Olympic Team has won a whopping 20 alpine skiing medals to date. We’re not saying that inspired this mouthwatering dish, but a bowl of rich potato gnocchi would be the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent watching Emanuele Buzzie or Marta Bassino hit the slopes.
  • Global Savory Fare: Snack your way around the world with Hummus & Baba Ganoush with Grilled Pita Wedges, French Brie & Berry Spinach Salad, Persian Chicken Kebabs, Greek Baklava and other delicious international dishes.

Ready to get your gold medal in entertaining? Book Saint Germain Catering company for your event and score big.

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