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Corporate Catering In The DC Metro Area


The world of corporate catering is unique from the demands of social catering and event catering.  Whether you are dealing with a client with individual lunch meetings a training seminar with 200, the quality of the food matters a great deal to both personal image and company morale. Saint Germain Catering has built is target focus on corporate catering for the past 15 years and serves clients throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area.   Corporate catering that offers higher quality meal options for clients and employees can be not only impressive, but motivating on a level that few other skills can match. Mastering the art of corporate catering in itself can be challenging so there is a huge importanced placed upon finding an experienced caterer.  By working with Saint Germain Catering, we can help you create the perfect meal that will wow your co-workers, clients or employees.

With socialcatering, the idea is to keep everyone fed with the foods and meals that they love and enjoye at home or when dining out. The same can be said of  corporate catering, but there are added things  to consider. What if you’re catering for a breakfast before a big presentation? Will it be a working lunch?  These catering options stand out as being extremely important in menu planning, as they can not only affect the performance of those who actually eat the food, but the general mood of the event.

Corporate catering still offers many options just as social catering. Active chef stations like Waffle Bars, Sundae Stations or Pasta Bars are all popular themes that can come into mind. Whether you are seting up a  hot and cold buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   The first is that they can create a contrast of flavors and textures as well as meeting dietary needs. The second is that they can serve two different types of guests; those who prefer cold foods like salads and sandwiches, and those who are interested in prepared meals such as warm Chicken Picatta. Some guests, for example, may forgo a rich desert in favor of fresh fruit. In corporate environments, where one needs to be quick on his or her toes, options like these can make all of the difference. Be sure to include lots of variety for all the meeting attendees and guests.


Corporate catering can also be said for the types of meals being provided on a daily basis to a company. Does your firm have a daily tray of bagels or muffins that goes out each day? Whether you’re having new hire orientation or  a holiday celebration, nothing tells your staff that you care more about them than a high quality, catered meal. Catering can be great for staff appreciation days, holidays, office celebrations, special parties, or even just suprise  lunch. They can help your employees to save a little on their usual lunch bill. Catering meals in house to your staff also gives your employees the opportunity to mingle amongst one another. This can create an atmosphere where brainstorming can take place , new contacts can be made, and a greater appreciation for the company can be formed.

Just like social catering, presentation matters as well. If your catering service offers special presentation options, consider them.  Offer clients the option of china or ceramics over disposables.  Have a client that supports green  initiatives, offer then compostable cutlery to help support their company wide beliefs.

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