The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Crafting a Killer Corporate Bash: How Event Catering Companies Can Help

Event Catering Companies - SGCSummertime is practically synonymous with beach vacations and day trips with the kiddos, so it can be both depressing and frustrating to be a mere Instagram witness other people’s picture-perfect. The perfect solution for workday blues? A midsummer corporate bash that gets everyone out of their cubicles and into the sunshine (either literally or figuratively, depending on your options). Here are a few ideas capitalizing on the expertise of local catering companies that let you throw an unforgettable get-together that’ll leave your staff happy, rejuvenated and ready to get back to business.

Explore Various Types of Catering and Eat Around the World

Living vicariously through friends’ updates posted from far-flung locales can be downright torturous. You can’t send the entire office on a round-the-world tour but you can use different types of catering menus tantalize their taste buds with exotic spices and tangy sauces that’ll evoke street food in Thailand or satisfy a craving for a big bowl of pasta from a cozy Roman trattoria.

A few of our favorites:

  • Feed Olympic-sized appetites with a heaping helping of Athenian Pasta Salad – the combination of sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and Kalamata olives is divine!
  • Both sweet and subtly spicy, a Crispy Thai Chicken Wrap packs flavor and texture and is plenty portable for outdoor excursions.
  • Transport guests to a sun-soaked vineyard with Artisanal Cheese & Fruit Plates. Wine is optional but some chilled bottles of Sauvignon Blanc or batches of sangria never go amiss.

Remember – Event Catering Companies Can Get Tropical, Too!

Are the islands calling your name? Until you can answer in person, enjoy a more local spin on a luau. Set the scene with flowers galore (there’s nothing wrong with a combination of fresh and brightly colored faux versions, including garlands for the tables and leis for the guests) and, if you’re outside, don’t skimp on the tiki torches. Another essential? Music! A clever iPod playlist or a curated station from Pandora or Spotify piped through Bluetooth speakers will do the trick.

As for food, you may not be roasting a whole sucking pig but anything off the grill will have the same effect. The smell of meat sizzling over an open flame is insanely evocative – mix that with the right tunes and you’ll practically be able to feel your toes sink into the warm Honolulu sand.

Party Outside the Box

Not every company has the same culture so there is no one-size-fits-all list of party games that every business will benefit equally from. That said, there is something brilliant about the element of surprise. When employees show up expecting the same stale team-building exercises, watch jaws drop when everyone gets a good look at the slip and slide, beer pong table (you can easily use water instead of booze), and lawn twister. Just give everyone a heads up on the uber-casual dress code so no one’s trying to contort themselves in dress pants and high heels.

Once appetites are fully stoked, fill hungry bellies with classic eats that bring home the summertime feel. Our Chesapeake Bay Cookout offers up everything from Sweet & Salty Cornbread to Old Bay-seasoned Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs. Add in some Hoppin’ Johns, Bay Sweet Potato Salad, and Apricot-Glazed Miniature Fruit Tarts and nobody is going to remember why they wanted to brave a long flight and crowded beaches.

Fear of missing out has a simple cure: give people an awesome alternative. In the case of the midsummer blues, the easy out is a stellar party and delicious food – and Saint Germain is your first-class ticket!

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