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Saint Germain Catering let’s their bride and grooms custom design the menu to suit their needs and wants for their special day. We understand each of our clients have different tastes, so we like to let them tell us what they are looking for.  

When starting the menu planning process, the first question we ask is, “What kind of service are you looking for: buffet, plated, family-style, or stations?” Some clients know exactly what they want for their wedding and we are finished with the menu planning process in less then an hour. Some clients like to hear their options and don’t finalize the menu until a month before their wedding. Either way, we listen to each client and guides them through the menu planning process. 

Here are some different ideas different types of service we have caterered:



Guests are seated at pre-assigned tables and served by wait-staff. The plated style of service is the most traditional and most formal type of service. Servers bring out a plated salad, followed by a full plated meal. Plated meal limits the food choices guests get to choose from. Usually there is an option for beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian when invitations are sent out.  This type of service is not so good for couples that want many different choices and would rather dance than sit down and eat a full course meal.

Buffet Service:

An informal way serving food where dishes are set out on a long table. We call tables to go up to the buffet and guests stand in line to help themselves to whatever they like.  Buffets have tended to get a reputation of being too casual at a wedding, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Buffets can be very elegant and presentation is key.  Buffets may help to save on staff costs, but more food is prepared since guests serve themselves. Buffets do allow guests to have a varied menu of options.  

Family Style Meal:

When we explain family style service we tell our clients to think of Thanksgiving Dinner when all the platters of food are brought out to the table for guests to pass and self-serve. This style of service creates a fun atmosphere for guests. It makes them feel like it’s the holidays and they pass food and talk to one another. With family style, there would need to be 1 platter per dish per table. Keep in mind you will need to rent platters for this type of service and can increase rental costs.


Dinner stations allow your guests to build their own meals.
A few examples are:

  • Carving station with trio of sauces, vegetable, starch, and mixed greens
  • Slider station with French Fries and milkshake shooters
  • Pasta station featuring different proteins and sauces with Caesar salad and organic dinner rolls

Food stations are a great way for guests to interact with other guests and even the chefs, but there is a drawback to having stations. If you have a small budget, this might not be the option for you. With stations, the chefs prepare a variety of different dishes, and guests go around to each station and have a mini meal from each station. 

 The team at Saint Germain Catering enjoys making your dream wedding happen. So, if that means an Slider Bar Station  or a buffet brunch with an omelet station and chef , we can make it happen.

Call us today if you are interested in hearing more information about the different styles of service we provide at 703-506-9396.

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