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Fall Marketing Ideas: How to Promote Your Business With Fun and Food

Promote your business with fun and foodLate fall is a funny time for many business owners. You’re likely experiencing a rush of gratitude, thanks to the after-effects of Thanksgiving and all that warm and tingly togetherness, but you’re also keeping one eye towards the new year and all the new opportunities that are about to come your way.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating what you have while also thinking about where you and your company need to go. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways you can reward your clients, employees, and even friends and family for their hard work and loyalty while also showing off the business that you’ve worked so hard yourself to build.

Throw a 5K

The crisp fall air might seem chilly if you’re just hanging out on your front porch, but cooler temps are perfect for distance runners who might otherwise swelter in the summer heat. Fun runs are hugely popular these days, too, with everything from wine runs to color runs (where the participants get doused in colored dye at certain mile markers) popping up across the country.

Jump on the trend by hosting a “grub run” – basically a charity run where people donate canned goods at the starting line and are greeted with a much-needed carb and protein extravaganza at the finish line. You’ll foster goodwill, feed hungry people, and raise a lot of awareness while doing it.

Host a “My Pet and Me” Dinner

People love their pets, something you’re definitely aware of if you own a grooming parlor, veterinary clinic, or pet bakery. What most people don’t know is how toxic many “people foods” can be to our little furry friends. Things like chocolate, raisins, and apple seeds can make dogs extremely sick, which makes Thanksgiving dinner a potential minefield for paw parents who aren’t sure what to look for.

Host a pet-friendly holiday dinner that provides cute plated meals for pets and a delicious buffet for your two-legged guests. Everybody wins!

Hold a Wine Pairing Class

If you own a winery, beer, or liquor store, or sell booze in your gourmet food shop, then you know that the holidays can mean big money. People are looking for things to drink during their family dinners, to bestow upon bosses and coworkers, or to tote along as hostess gifts if they’re lucky enough to be invited to someone else’s festive feast. Here’s the rub (no turkey-preparation puns intended): if people don’t know what kind of wine to buy, they’re not likely to buy very much.

Have a range of appetizers catered right in your store, and then showcase the perfect pairing for each dish. You can set up individual stations and have wine experts of associates explain why each wine works, and both you and the caterer will reap the benefits.

Curious how you Saint Germain Catering can bring your marketing idea to life with some delicious, unforgettable food? Contact us today and we’ll help you design a custom menu the best complements your vision.


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