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Father’s Day with Saint Germain!


Father’s Day is this weekend and it is the perfect time to show Dad just how much you care! The fastest way to Dad’s heart is, of course, through his stomach. So what better way to show Dad that he has a special place in your heart than to fill his day with amazing food from your favorite DC catering company?

Let Dad sleep in and serve him our delicious Saint Germain’s Breakfast Pockets! New breakfast pita pocket sandwiches stuffed with scrambled eggs, melted cheese, crispy bacon, sausage and peppers served with diced breakfast potatoes and a bowl of seasonal fruit salad.

After a morning of relaxing with the family, Dad is sure to be in the mood for a big satisfying lunch! Take Dad outside for a picnic and treat him to one of our delightful Summer Picnic Boxes To-Go. Our Summer Jazz Boxed Meal would be perfect with boneless chicken breast marinated in fresh rosemary and lemon, grilled to perfection, served with fresh berry salad, orzo pasta salad, a roll with butter and a delicious brownie for dessert.

After a long, eventful day Dad is going to need a feast fit for a king. Pick one of our many meals in our latest Summer menu. You can’t go wrong with our Fiesta Fun meal: carne asada, grilled chicken breast ole, Spanish rice, refried beans, fresh garden salad, chips with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, tortillas and some healthy fruit salad. The perfect way to end any Father’s Day!

Have a great idea for Father’s Day? Let us know! Respond in the comments below, tweet us at @SGCatering or post on our Facebook Fan Page!

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