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Food Styling Tips From Our Executive Chef Anabella Morillo


Easy Tips to Style Food Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how caterers manage to make food look so delicious and perfect? Have you been at home and tried to replicate their same thing, yet found yours somehow “not quite right” ? A huge contributing factor in what makes the food they prepare so special is the presentation. Professional caterers know exactly how best to present food, garnish it, pair it, and plate it to wow their clients with their eyes and their taste buds. With these tips you will be able to present your food in style:

  1. Lots of Color. Don’t make the mistake of presenting four items on a place that are all in the same color range, like a breast of chicken paired with mashed potatoes and white beans.  Better yet, make sure to incorporate as much color as possible like with seasonal vegetables from the garden.  This will keep your meals healthier while improving the presentation of the plate.

  2. Odd verses Even. Odd numbers of food items on a plate always look better than even numbers.

  3. Don’t forget to Garnish. Want to take your  meal from blah to wow? Garnish it!  You can garnish any dish with simple ingredients. Be sure that the flavor and colors go along.  Try garnishing  with spices, herbs, carrots, chopped nuts or fruit.

  4. Experiment with Shape. A salad goes from blah to wow when the vegetables are curled using a mandoline or even vegetable peeler. If you’re preparing a rice or grain side dish, shape the portion using a measuring cup to get a nice mound. Altering shapes like this adds creativity and dimension to a plate.

  5. Sauce.  The perfect drizzle and amount  of a sauce over a meat dish, or around the rim of a plate can make your entrée look more professional. Take an old squeeze bottle and fill it with your sauce for easy application.

  6. Height: For meals at home, we usually place sides in clusters around a plate. To impress, try layering your meat dish on top of a bed of vegetables. The layering effect is different from what guests are used to, and gives the plate a professional touch.

  7. Keep it clean: Always wipe the outer rim or edge of the plate with a clean moist cloth or sponge to ensure that no food is on it. Think of the edge of the piece as the frame for your masterpiece.

Executive Chef Anabella Morillo has recently joined the Saint Germain Catering team, and brings years of culinary experience and classical training in Italian and Asian Cuisine to our international culinarian team. As Executive Chef, Anabella curates only the freshest and finest meat, produce, seafood, fresh pastas and specialty ingredients from all around the world to compliment the most delectable dishes. Chef Anabella’s passion for using only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients and delivering the most exquisite cuisine help to create an unforgettable dining experience.

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