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Food: The Language of Love!

It is as true a statement as you can make to say that food – the sight, smell, thought and description of it – has a uniquely powerful way of igniting the senses, making a fast and furious impression, and bridging any language or communication gaps between people. You may not speak Spanish, but I bet you speak fajitas. You may not have tried our Fried Chicken Waffle Cone yet (see here), but see it on Facebook, and your’ ‘Gotta Have It!’ siren will likely start to wail. So when it comes to holidays, it’s important to understand food’s magical place in each special occasion, and how to leverage that to your advantage. Enter Valentines Day.

Valentines Cookie Assortment from Saint Germain Catering

Ahhh, the day of love. And day of chocolate, flowers,  Hallmark cards, dinner outand with the explosion of the Social Web…E-cards, Facebook and Twitter messages galore. In some Latin American countries Valentine’s Day is known as “Día del Amor y la Amistad” (Day of Love and Friendship). It’s common for people to perform “acts of appreciation” for their friends, which is a growing trend here in the States as well. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Relax. The important people in our lives – spouses, girl/boyfriends, children, friends, colleagues – aren’t grading us like the defiant Olympic judge from the former Soviet Union. It IS the thought that counts. Especially if you put some simple, creative thinking into the mix.

Valentines Day ranks near the top when it comes to food-oriented holidays. The only days that are as busy for restaurants are Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve. And when it comes to sweets, chocolate and other treats are never more popular than around this February holiday, save for Halloween. Nothing says “I Love You” like a heartfelt V-day card AND an assortment of deeply delicious chocolate, cookies and other sweets. Take that same train of thought if you want to surprise colleagues, staff, students or extended family and friends. Nothing says “just thinking of you”, or “I love your work and dedication” or “I appreciate your friendship” like special, surprise treats that induce smiles at the mere sight of them.

The thought of using a professional caterer for Valentines Day or other holidays may never have entered your mind. But think of us as the gift and happiness provider at your service, on wheels, able to lovingly craft any number of heart-pounding, mouthwatering food items that will please any palate, and make any special occasion a creative smash. A flower van  pulling up is nice. A Saint Germain delivery van arriving with fully prepared, tastebud exploding meals and V-day dessert specials for the family or office, is spectacular!

When we first posted the assorted cookie image on Facebook about two weeks ago, the response was fast and furious: “Almost immediately, we got a bunch of orders for five or more dozens of cookies per order,” says Sarah Miller, Vice President of Saint Germain Catering. A simple image, triggering ‘A-Ha’ moments of glee. No more worries and stress over what to do, what to order, where to go, etc. Let the pros do all the work! But we want you to take all the credit. We think we make a pretty good team, no?

See some of our carefully crafted Valentines-oriented dessert goodies here here here and here. Call us at (703) 506-9396, or email us at


Saint Germain Catering is a (certified) woman-owned business staffed with talented chefs who proudly use the freshest natural ingredients, and drivers/staff who deliver exceptional service with a smile to Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Visit our homepage at Call us at (703) 506-9396, or submit an online event inquiry here.  Known as corporate catering specialists (Food That Means Business!), we exceptionally cater events of all size: weddings, bridal/baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, graduations, wakes, BBQs, holiday parties and more.

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