The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Freshest Sandwiches & Wraps in Town


We take sandwiches seriously, maybe a little too seriously. Fresh bread, expeller pressed oils, all natural meats – there’s nothing artificial about our signature sandwiches! Whether it’s for office catering or an outside picnic, Saint Germain provides the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area with irresistibly delicious sandwiches. Our sandwiches use sophisticated fillings stacked between slices of fresh-baked ciabatta or focaccia bread. We never stop evolving our method in creating new ways to provide healthier and better tasting sandwiches. We recently switched to higher quality vendors that match our obsession with excellence. Here are two ways our sandwiches have changed for the better:

  1. The Meat. We demand high quality. We have upgraded our meat vendor to focus on healthier meats with high quality and delicious flavor all for the same price for you, our customer. We insist our meat is low fat, low salt, no trans-fat, no MSG but most of all, we insist on great taste. All of our sandwiches use briskets and rounds of meat in an extensive variety of whole muscle and processed cold cuts. The result? Juicy, tender and irresistible meat in our delicious sandwiches.
  2. The Bread. Our new bread is the greatest thing since sliced…uh, well…bread. No artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, baked in a hearth oven, unbleached and untreated flour using long and natural fermentation. Our artisan bread is praised for its balanced, grainy-but-moist texture and pleasant flavor.

Next time you order from our lunch menu for your next office or picnic catering, try our savory Boardroom’s Best sandwich platter with fresh mozzarella, sundried tomato, red pepper, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette on a focaccia roll; or with roasted turkey, avocado and smoked bacon with sprouts, tomato, and herb mayo on a sourdough roll. Your taste buds will notice the excellence in quality.

We care about our food and welcome any tips on making a better sandwich. Respond in the comments below, tweet us at @SGCatering or post on our Facebook Fan Page!

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