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Gearing Up for the Holiday Season


The crispness in the air stirs thoughts of the holidays and all the joy — and stress — that comes along with the holiday season. It’s time to think of entertaining friends and family, putting up your decorations and eating enticing foods.  One way to reduce the stress is to have your party catered. Hiring someone else to design, cook, serve and clean leaves you, the host, calm, relaxed and able to enjoy your party.

Deciding on your catering budget is your first priority. If you’ve had a party before, you know how much you spent. You will spend more with a caterer. The value comes from the planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, catering and cleanup, all of which is done for you. A caterer can provide estimates. Proposals are created and tweaked until you reach an agreement. Keep in mind, when you are catering in, you are essentially opening a restaurant for the evening. This could mean rentals for tables, linens, some specialty equipment and décor.

Select a theme. It’s easier to stay focused when you have a theme fueling your creative juices. Depending upon the culture of your guests, you may want to do Fall Harvest, Turkey Trot, Old World, Jingle Bells, Gingerbread House (contest!), Deck the Halls, Trim the Tree, Toys for Tots, New Year’s Clock—Tick Tock or a wine- or beer-paired multi-course meal.

Decorating is also easier with a vision. Invitations, party supplies, other décor and your food should reflect the theme. With a little ingenuity, decorating can be easy and inexpensive: lighting, PVC pipe, spray-painted sheets of home insulation cut into oversized shapes, light-catching acrylic bangles hanging from the ceiling or tree, garland or synthetic vines with seeds or berries wound around the staircase or draped from a doorway, Dollar Store wine glasses with colored sand and tea lights, or a real horse-drawn sleigh ride — these are a few ideas. Consider creating a signature cocktail named for the event: a Cindy Lou Who martini, for example, would add to the charm of a Grinch party.

Off-premise caterers are life savers at this time of year.  These brave people stage your event on top of washers and dryers, freeze in unheated garages, discreetly hide behind shrubs and are willing to cook out of the truck in the driveway. No home is too small. Guests are none the wiser that your caterers must bend themselves into pretzels in order to function in a tiny space and make it a seamless event. They will make it work.

Saint Germain Catering, a locally owned and operated catering company based in Tysons Corner, has already been booking up lots of holiday events this season. Company President Mina Ebrahmin states that “ We are very excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Fall has officaly begun and its never too early to start planning your parties. We are featuring new menus that offer customization for any partyHave fun at your party. You don’t need to hover, worry or wring your hands. Let them do all the work so you can have all the fun. The smiling servers will have fun too. Remember: caterers like to party!

So even though the weather is getting frightful, your party will be delightful; give your guests a great place to go — relax, get it catered and let it snow!

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