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Get Fit and Stay in Shape









SGC Stay Fit Tips:


Saint Germain Catering provides decadent food, beverages and desserts but we realize you can remain healthy during the holiday season. Even with fabulous food in your tummy, you can still stay fit during the season of yumminess! Here’s a few tips on how!


  1. Stick to a Routine as Best You Can
  2. Exercise in the Morning
  3. Find Balance (Indulge in treats but stay consistent with your exercise routine)
  4. Bring Healthy Treats to the Party
  5. Eat! (Nibble small portions of healthy snacks during the day in anticipation of that big dinner later in the day)
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Start a New Tradition with family & friends (Local marathon race for charity?)


Saint Germain Catering wishes you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

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