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Let’s get things into perspective- I am, by no means- an expert on catering. Up until 3 months ago, I truly thought a “fine dining experience” was Texas Roadhouse. Not knocking the RH, or its amazing cinnamon butter, but this certainly isn’t the experience that consumers in the metro area pay a premium for.

Throughout this summer, I have learned that it’s all about the details- The smaller the detail- the better! People love the thought that goes into them, and the executions.
With the creative staff at Saint Germain Catering- every platter, every casserole, and every cupcake has the details strategically placed and thought out before serving. A meal should not just be eaten, it should truly be an experience that you and your guests remember for weeks after.
Looking through our menu, anyone can see the time and thought put behind each selection to showcase the abilities of our staff. Our President, Vice President, and Executive Chef have dedicated their professional lives to making sure that our customers are happy from initial consultation to dessert. Our selections and services can provide an office staff lunch or meeting all the way up to a 200+ guest wedding.

Our event planners have years or experience and can even give the most organized and determined person a new fun idea they have never thought of! With a wide background, these ladies can tackle any idea you throw at them, no matter what- while providing outstanding customer service and follow up!
Give us a call (703) 506-9396 or go online to and view our vast selection and get ideas for your event today!

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