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Grilling Dos and Don’ts: How Catering Companies Cook Out in Style

Grilling dos and donts -SGC CateringYearning for a meal high in flavor that doesn’t dirty a ton of dishes? Grilling delivers on both counts. Cooking over an open flame is sometimes viewed as a more casual way to churn out good eats, but the best catering companies know that being an al fresco chef takes more than just charcoal and a Kiss the Cook apron. Here are some dos and don’ts from our very own Saint Germain grillmaster that’ll help you transform ordinary ingredients into culinary masterpieces.

All the Dos

DO: Shop smart! Buy local and invest in good-quality ingredients; they’re the building blocks of every meal and of the utmost importance.

DO: Build up your grilling tool kit. Having the right supplies on hand (a grill that conducts heat consistently and evenly, the right fuel, a basting brush, long-handled tongs and so on) make all the difference.

DO: Prep ahead of time as much as possible. It’s hard to have fun when you’re running around frantically assembling last-minute supplies. Dishes like potato salad and even desserts typically taste better when they’ve had time to sit overnight.

DO: Consider hiring a caterer. Saint Germain offers several grilling packages so you can check “food” off your to-do list and concentrate on other things like goofing around with your guests.

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Some Very Important Don’ts

DON’T: Forget to read up on grilling techniques and peruse your grill’s manual. Winging your cookout may not turn out quite the way you expect.

DON’T: Put frozen seafood on the grill. There may be a time and place for frozen lobster tails or fish, but throwing it on the grate over an open flame will only lead to mushy protein that sticks while it cooks.

DON’T: Wait until the last minute to start cooking. Have everything but the final grilling done before guests arrive, and you can enjoy your favorite rosé or cold brew without unnecessary stress.

DON’T: Neglect presentation. Swap out cheap storage containers in favor of roomy platters in fun patterns.

DON’T: Forget to invite the in-laws. It’s just good manners!

Build the Perfect Menu Just Like a Top-Notch Catering Company

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to build the perfect cookout menu. By ensuring you have each of these elements on the picnic table come chow time, you’ll please a wide variety of palates without totally driving yourself insane in the process. Remember: Good planning is essential.

  • Salads: Include one or two of your favorites and make them seasonal. Mixed greens with berries, cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette is always a hit, and you can pair that with something a bit heartier, such as a light pasta salad with lemon dressing and freshly grilled veggies.
  • Protein: You’ll want two or three main protein options such as chicken breast or steak alongside a seasonal fish or shrimp dish. Marinate them simply in olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic, and then hit them with salt and pepper while they’re on the grill.
  • Potatoes: Toss tender red bliss potatoes with olive oil, fresh rosemary and garlic, and then roast them right on the grill. These are always a winner and exceedingly easy to execute.
  • Dessert: Stick with something small and fun like cupcakes, Saint Germain cookies or dessert bars alongside a larger treat like strawberry shortcake or peach pie served with homemade ice cream.

Account for everyone coming by considering allergies, sensitive palates (watch the spice, in other words) and younger appetites, and you’ll be well on your way.

Want to save yourself a lot of trouble? Get a catering company to oversee your backyard bash. Saint Germain loves entertaining groups of all shapes and sizes, and for us, it’s always the right season for grilling!

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