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Helpful Tips When Selecting a Corporate Caterer

There is such a huge need for corporate event catering in the  Washington DC area.  It saves time, because everyone has to eat, and by conducting business during office hours,  it helps keep people more productive.  However it is a major undertaking to ensure that  your corporate meeting goes smoothly.  These are a few tips that I have learned over the years of booking and providing top level service in a business catering environment. It also may be a requirement, in order to get in front of clients that you’ll have to provide a meal. The reason we conduct business over meals is multifaceted but primary among them is that happy well fed clients are more receptive to doing business.  If a client eats an excellent meal and receives top notch service one is more inclined to listen to the person that provided the meal.   The meal is a reflection upon those that provide it.  As caterers, we must remember this important fact.  The meal in a corporate setting is a reflection upon those that supply it.  If the meal is below quality and/or the service is bad, that is representative of those that provided the meal.

So we have determined the importance of providing an excellent meal with great service.  How does one do this?   You need to determine the type of event that you trying to create.  Is this going to be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail party?  What type of service?  How formal is the event?  Will you need any type of décor?  Are there dietary restrictions or specialized requests of attendees that need to be addressed?  Are there Vegans, Vegetarians, Kosher, and food allergies such as gluten, or nut issues?  All of these are important factors in ensuring that your Corporate Event goes smoothly and your clients are happy.  It is important to address all of these questions ahead of time so that you are not surprised by them at the event and are forced to scramble at the last minute.

When you have determined the answer to all of these questions you then select a caterer.  The selection of a caterer is of primary importance.     The caterer needs to provide all of the components to fulfill your needs for the event.  The caterer that will need to provide exactly what they state they will provide in their quote. The caterer needs to provide professional, unobtrusive yet friendly service.  The food needs to be of high quality and fit within the dietary requirements of the client.  The caterer needs to be on time.  The caterer needs to be professionally attired and provide service per your requirements.

So how does one choose a caterer?  You can search for your caterer online or through word of mouth.  Regardless of how you locate the caterer there are several ways to vet the caterer to ensure that they will accommodate your requirements.  Ask the caterer their level of experience, whether they have done the type of event your are looking to create, do they have catering testimonials or references that they can share. Also Facebook and  Linkedin are also another online tools that often has posted recommendations on the caterer you are evaluating.  Check for references, have they received any awards or recommendations, have they been reviewed or featured in any publications, what is there food style, and can they meet the needs of any specialized dietary requests or specialized service requests?  That is an excellent starting point but if you have the time the best way to evaluate the capabilities of a caterer is to see them in action.  Tastings presented by the caterer are another great evaluative tool in selective a caterer and it will be specific to your even.

Once you gain an understanding of the caterer that you will be working with, you will have all of the items in place in order to create a successful corporate catering event.  So make it happen! Bring in more business through successful corporate event catering.

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