The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Helping Stray Dogs, One Cupcake at a Time

pennvet-sgc-1What if you could have a tray of sweet, perfectly moist cupcakes and help save the world at the same time? That kind of paradise on Earth is exactly what the confectionary masterminds at Saint Germain Catering Company have in mind with their fundraiser for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine that will be running for the entire month of October.

Food for Thought

Mina Ebrahimi, Saint Germain’s owner and operator, is a busy woman. In addition to putting in 16-hour days creating memorable (and infinitely delicious) events for both corporate and social get-togethers, she’s an avid philanthropist who enjoys giving back to the community. How does she do all that and stay sane? She puts it all down to the love of her four-legged friends. When her Labrador Retrievers – Jack, Suzy, Barney, and Vinny – aren’t hard at work starting on Mina’s social media accounts, they’re part of what’s motivating her to do more for dogs that don’t have forever homes of their own. And that’s exactly how Mina’s Breast Cancer Awareness idea got started – well, that and a little inspiration courtesy of the work being done by the incredible team at UPENN.


St. Germain and UPENN – Joining Forces for Change

In 2003, Mina’s dog Jack needed a cutting-edge surgery that was only offered by Penn Vet. What began as a stressful situation turned into an opportunity to meet and then partner with Karen Sorenmo, a veterinarian and Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital’s chief of medical oncology. Dr. Sorenmo is also the founder of the Penn Vet Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor Program, an initiative that helps shelter dogs suffering from mammary tumors receive the medical attention they’d otherwise likely never receive.

In addition to aiding in the recovery and eventual adoption placement for the program’s dogs, the UPENN team have an additional objective. “We believe that by studying dogs with mammary tumors, we can improve our understanding of how cancer develops, and through this understanding, find better and more efficient drugs to treat and prevent cancer,” says Dr. Sorenmo. It’s a noble goal that saves not only the program’s current furry patients but also provides hope that we can learn more about the progression of cancer so we can develop better treatments and prevention techniques for human beings, too.


All the Delicious Details

Some 35 years ago, Mina started her journey in the hospitality industry by creating irresistible baked goods, so it only makes sense that she’s come full circle with this cupcake-based fundraise. In honor of October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, Mina and Saint Germain Catering Company are offering a dozen chocolate or vanilla cupcakes (topped with buttercream frosting, of course) for just $36.99. Even better, Mina’s promised 100% of her profits to the veterinary program at UPENN, with a target fundraising goal of $10,000.

To order your own batch of cupcakes head to Saint Germain Catering’s site (you can find tons of other mouthwatering menu ideas there, too!). For a small fee, you can even get your cupcakes delivered, making it easier than ever to make a difference.


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