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Holiday Party Planning Season is Here


You don’t have to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities only at home. In fact, celebrating an office Thanksgiving tradition is a fun way to get everyone together around the holidays to relax and share some downtime together. You can also use this as a tool to learn more about each person’s family and holiday traditions, and you can accomplish all of this relatively stress-free by catering the holiday party.

Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, there’s a long stretch of work days with relatively few opportunities to decompress. Although you might have a summer picnic, July 4th celebrations, or Memorial Day experiences, the end of the summer begins a long waiting period for the winter holidays. That’s what makes this such a great opportunity to throw a Thanksgiving holiday party. It’s a great chance to get everyone outside of their offices and together to enjoy something most people have in common- food. Office parties are a great opportunity to conduct team-building as well as to check in on the morale and existing workflow of your teams. It’s easy to get stuck in a work rut, and as the days get colder and shorter, it’s easier for employees to feel restless and possibly even burned out. Or, maybe your December is booked, employees are leaving early or sporadically for winter vacations, and it’s just not feasible to have an office Christmas party.

That’s where a catered office Thanksgiving party comes in. You can select foods that are non-traditional or traditional, which allows you to choose items that will be most enjoyed by your party attendees. For example, you can select our Classic Holiday Dinner or the Autumn Splendor selection from Saint Germain Catering. Both of these options will give you a taste of fall flavors without overdoing it on the traditional Thanksgiving fare. Make your Thanksgiving party something totally unique and not to be forgotten by partnering with a catering company who knows how to deliver fresh and flavorful seasonal selections to make your employees happy.

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